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Creating Amazon product listings is a huge part of running a successful Amazon business. It is almost impossible to outrank your competitors and dominate the Amazon marketplace if your product listings are not up to the task.

Have you ever wondered what the essentials of a functional product listing are? Did you scroll past a video on Amazon and wonder if you could implement the same strategy in your listings? Yes, you can. But you will only learn how to if you read this to the end. First, let’s gain more insight into what your product listings should look like.

What to include in an Amazon product listing?

Generally, Amazon listings are product information pages for each item sold on the site. Amazon product listings typically include information about the product, such as name, description, price, pictures, and reviews.

Your product listings play a major role in determining if your traffic convert into sales or not. Considering that product listings usually provide detailed information about the product and the seller, your listings often serve to convince buyers about the quality of your products.

What should you include in your Amazon product listings? Amazon product listings usually comprise six core features:

Product Title 

This is the first thing a buyer notices when they input a search term that your product is ranking for. Amazon usually gives room for up to 200 characters for product titles, but short is best so 100-150 characters are recommended.

Product Images

The goal of including images is to help buyers picture the specific product you have in stock. So if you hope to gain more conversions, you should consider using high-quality product images. 

ZonBase Amazon software contains a photo enhancer tool to help you improve the quality of your product images and gain more traction.

Amazon product listings should contain between five to eight product images, however, including six product images in your product listings is a safe balance.

Product Description

Product descriptions are a way to make use of relevant keywords to help buyers gain more knowledge about your product and convince them to buy. 

Product Features

This is the perfect opportunity to state what qualities make your product the best choice. It’s best to do this using bullet points. Most sellers use about five to six bullet points for this. When listing your product features you should focus on the attributes that make it different from your competitors’ products.

Product Reviews

Remember your product listings are a way to convince buyers? Nothing convinces potential customers more than positive reviews from those who have purchased your products before. Reviews provide social proof for your business, so when you have good reviews on your product listings, your conversion rate is sure to reflect it. 

Providing excellent customer service and good quality products is a great way to secure great reviews for your product listing.

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Product Ratings

Product reviews and product ratings work hand-in-hand with each other. Reviews influence ratings, so the more reviews you have, the higher your rating will be.

Good product ratings help you improve trust and sales. 

If you have low ratings, here are a few things you can try:

  • Analyze bad or negative reviews. What are your customers complaining about most often? You’ll then have to think of a remedy.
  • Send as many emails to your customers as possible (automated) so that you can get feedback early on to resolve the issue before a negative review is posted.
  • Build up as many reviews as you can so you can have a good rating and review overall.

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Why Include Videos in Your Amazon Listings?

While many people would like to shop online and get all the things they need to be delivered to their doorstep in only a few clicks, the majority of customers would rather not buy if they can’t see a true image of what the product looks like.

Product Listings on Amazon basically serve to help you show buyers your product and convince them to buy. Videos recreate the in-person experience as closely as possible. A video on your Amazon listing conveys the value of your product much better than pictures or text. 

Here are a few interesting statistics to further show you what effect videos have on buyers:

  • Videos can increase conversion by 80% when used in landing pages.
  • Demo video viewers are 1.81x more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers.
  • Two-thirds of consumers prefer videos under 60 seconds.
  • Video-enabled pages receive 2,6x more time spent by visitors than static pages.


Now that you know what role videos can play in increasing your conversions, let’s see how you can include videos in your product listings.

How To Add Videos To Your Amazon Product Listings

Depending on your Amazon selling program, you will have different video options. You may only be able to upload videos to your Amazon listing if you are a registered professional seller on Amazon.

Video uploads appear as the main image on the ASIN product detail page after uploading. 

Here’s an example of a video in a product listing:

Creating Videos on Amazon Listings

 Want to include videos in your Amazon listing? Here’s how:

Find the ‘Upload and Manage videos’ 

Click on ‘Upload and Manage Videos ‘ in your dashboard. The image shows where you can find it.

Creating Videos on Amazon Listings

Upload Your Video

Upload your video by simply clicking “upload video” and select a video file to upload.

Creating Videos on Amazon Listings

Input your video details

Inserting the video details is the last step. Put your main product keywords in the title of your video and choose a thumbnail that represents the video. You can send the videos to Amazon by clicking the “Submit” button when you have selected the ASINs related to the video. 

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How to create Amazon listings video without a photoshoot

There are different types of Amazon videos, but the most popular is the unboxing video. Not everyone has the time and resources to do a video shoot for their products, if you fall in this category, you don’t have to worry. Here are a few ways you can create Amazon listings videos without a photoshoot:

  • Turn a static image into a video using graphic design software.
  • Create an instant video using photo transitions in a slideshow
  • A moving text overlay over static images creates an illusion of movement.
  • You should use stock video footage if you absolutely must have moving images. Make sure the footage only shows your products.

Tips For Using Videos in Your Amazon Listings

Using Videos in your Amazon listings can improve your conversions but only if you do it the right way. Here are a few best practices to optimize your videos for conversions.

  • Short is Best

Short videos tend to be watched until the very end by viewers. You may lose your audience’s attention if you make your product videos too long. Although Amazon doesn’t limit listing videos to a certain length (though they do cap their video size at 5GB) when it comes to video advertisements, the shorter and straight to the point the better.

It’s best to keep your video length at 15 seconds, utilize the first few seconds of the video to show your product’s image, features and sell its value to your viewers.

  • Keep your branding consistent

Keeping your branding consistent in your content makes it easier for customers to remember you. As much as you want those quick sales, you also want loyal customers who come back to your products again and again. Each video should have a logo at the end. Keep overlays’ fonts and colors similar. Stick to a general theme when selecting background music: select music that fits your brand.

  • Pay attention to the text, captions, and music

Many people watch videos with the sound off, some people are hearing-impaired. So it is in your best interest to make use of captions and text in your videos.

However, some buyers want sound in videos, so background music is your best bet for this. Use clear background music that will not distract viewers from your message.

Music that is royalty-free is easy to include, and it gives your listing a professional feel.

  • Use statistics as a guide

You can now see viewing stats and engagement data for your listing videos. 

Look out for trends in video viewership or ASINs for which your listing videos don’t get as many views. You can adjust your video content strategy according to your observations.

 Amazon Product Listing Video Content Ideas

Now that you know how to optimize your videos for conversions. Here are a few video ideas for your next product listing.

  • Unboxing Video 

Do an unboxing of your product and display the content of the package it comes in. Show off key features of your product from different angles with animated text. 

  • Explainer Video

Showcases your product in action and explains how it works. The customer shopping experience is greatly enhanced, making this a great choice for complex products. 

  • Video reviews or Testimonials

Reviews are always a good option so if you have any customers who are willing to do a video review for you, you can put them up. 

  • Brand storytelling

Buyers are attracted to companies with unique stories. You can make all the difference if you are in a market where your product’s differentiation from those of your competitors is very limited. 


Videos can improve your conversions if you use them right. Now that you know how to include videos in your Amazon product listings, you can go ahead and use them to gain more conversions and make more sales on Amazon.



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