How to increase Amazon product reviews?

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Selling on Amazon and growing the business requires a proper strategy to work in place.

In this post, we are going to discuss why getting Amazon product reviews is important and how to increase them.

Reviews are the word of mouth for the online business world. They are powerful and can greatly impact your business.

Majority of customers checks and trust reviews before purchasing any product.

The importance of Product Reviews

Here are some of the reasons why product reviews matter for the success of your Amazon selling business.

  • Amazon product reviews act as word of mouth and will convince your customers to trust and buy your product.
  • Positive reviews assure other potential customers that the product is of good quality and worth the money.
  • It contributes to improving organic search rankings on Amazon.
  • More reviews mean your marketing strategies will be more effective.
  • It increases conversions
  • Reviews help to build a solid brand for your business and improves brand credibility.

How to get Amazon product reviews

Now that we have discussed why product reviews are important, let’s look at how to increase reviews on Amazon.

Provide a great customer experience

Customers mostly leave negative reviews when they feel deceived and they get products different from the description. Provide clear and correct information in the product listing about your product to avoid misleading your customers. Even after they have received the product always try to provide great customer service and address their issues.

Send follow-up email asking for feedback

After every purchase Amazon sends a generic email asking for feedback from customers. But it’s better that you also send a personalized email requesting a review to your customers after every purchase. The best time to send the email is immediately after they have received the product as the experience and the first impression will be fresh in your customers’ mind.

Leverage newsletter and social media to request reviews

You can request feedback from your customers who have subscribed to your newsletter and who are following you on social media platforms. They are following you which means probably they have bought from you and have liked your product. Some platforms don’t allow the seller to request reviews directly from customers, Amazon however doesn’t have any such issue regarding that.

Top Amazon reviewers

Amazon has a list of top reviewers who reviews or leave honest feedbacks on Amazon products. You can get the list of “Top Ten Reviewers” or “Hall of Fame Reviewer” from Amazon. You can reach out to them through email and request to leave honest feedback for your product. If you send a personalized email, then your chances to get a response increases.

Tips to reduce negative reviews

  • Optimize product listing: Always make sure to create a product listing that is very clear and accurate. Never add any false detail or information in order to get more sales. Do not try to deceive your customers as if they receive different products, and you will receive negative reviews. Negative reviews will have a negative effect on your business.
  • Reply to reviews publicly: Whether you get positive or negative reviews always try to reply to them publicly. Be polite while replying to negative reviews as it will give insight that you value feedback and your concern for your customer’s experience.
  • Set up review alerts: If you reply immediately to any negative reviews by customers, and try to resolve the issue, the customer might remove it and sometimes can even post a positive one. Set up review alerts using automation tools to respond to every customer’s feedback as soon as you can.
  • Monitor and learn from reviews: Keep monitoring your reviews to get an insight into what your customers are experiencing. It will help you to keep getting better and improve your service in the future.

Final Thoughts

It all comes down to one thing that is providing a great customer experience to every customer. You should try to respond to your customers especially those who have faced any issues. It will show your concern to provide great service to customers and efforts to improve your business.


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