6 Proven Ways to Win Your Customers on Amazon in 2021

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While shopping on Amazon, customers have a variety of options to choose from. Therefore, a seller must make the brand or product memorable for the customer to have an impactful experience.

Excelling on Amazon requires you to have a great product as well as providing outstanding customer service. Regardless of what you’re selling, you want to delight customers with your product. This is done so that they will wish to return to you and to purchase from your brand again and again.

How to win your customers on Amazon

To succeed in e-commerce, you must build a recognizable brand with a specific range of excellent products. It can be more beneficial than selling a random assortment of products, hoping they succeed individually.

Some business models found on Amazon require little to no brand-building effort from the seller because they usually source products from previously established brands that already have an image built in their customers’ minds. But if you’re selling private label products, you can’t benefit from a previously built brand image, so you have to build it yourself.

A key aspect of this is to delight your customer and over-deliver. This means you must exceed some expectations they had from your brand, making a good impression of yourself in their mind. Customers expect to walk away from a transaction feeling satisfied; it is your job to make sure they feel more than that.

Since the product is being sold online, you cannot employ the same methods traditional physical stores choose to delight their customers. However, there are many other ways to create a positive brand image and delight your customers. We have scored a list of the top strategies.

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Compelling Packaging Always Work

Your product packaging will make a first impression on your customer, so make it count. Your packaging also makes your brand recognizable. Visually and aesthetically pleasing packaging will do much more for you than a plain brown box ever can. Create something conveying your brand story as well as a specific image. You can even provide contact information, social media accounts, and instructions on product usage.

Apple, for example, has immediately recognizable packaging – a stark white box overlaid with life-size images of the product contained, with neat compartments for accessories – which is consistent across their product line. While they may have a bigger budget, you can still take steps to make your product recognizable.

Making your packaging a ‘collectible’ by releasing limited-edition versions of it creates the illusion of rarity. This may potentially lead to greater demand due to customers trying their luck at receiving the ‘rare’ version of your packaging. Food and beverage companies, like Coca-Cola, often leverage this idea. Coca-Cola produces special edition bottles commemorating special events, and they can still be found for sale online years later.

Everyone Loves Mystery Gifts 

Mystery toys in cereal boxes are a great example of this. This produced joy in children who eagerly fished out the toy, finding out which one they got this time. You can elicit a similar joy by packaging your products with unexpected extra items.

Amazon forbids marketing your product with promises of free gifts, but that allows you to give your customer a genuine surprise. You could place a sticker, drink cozies, or keychains along with your product, but it is better if it adds functionality to the original product. For instance, adding a handbook of recipes along with kitchen utensils can be a great idea.

It may seem a small gesture but means a lot to your customer, who feel special, and they’re likely to remember it in the future.

Strive to Fulfill Your Promises

We all believe our products the best, and wish for our customers to do so too. However, this should be within a limit, for if you promise too high, and your product falls too low, you risk disappointing your customer. And disappointed customers often come back to leave scathing, negative reviews, which damage your brand image in the eyes of other customers.

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Offer Discounts For Recurring Customers 

Everyone loves discounts, and you should keep that in mind when setting a price for your product. A low price will entice new customers and retain the old ones. Another idea is to add a voucher that states that they will receive a certain discount the next time they purchase from you on Amazon. This is especially helpful for everyday products like soap or tissue, which need replenishing.

Never Underestimate the Role of Customer Service

Whether you use FBA, in which Amazon does a lot of the customer service legwork, or FBM to fulfill your Amazon orders, you need to understand the importance of customer service. Customer service can work as the game-changer for your business, especially on Amazon. As the competition is cut-throat, it becomes imperative for businesses to make every customer interaction count. When an issue arises, even if you think the customer is wrong, you must remain patient, understanding their perspective. Pushing the issue will most probably result in a bad review. You should know that fighting with someone over the purchasing experience is a bad idea. Instead, kill them with kindness!

Quick Doorstep Shipping Services

If you use FBA, this will not apply to you, but for sellers using FBM or Seller-fulfilled Prime, you need to ensure that shipping and handling time is up to Amazon standards. Swift delivery makes for happy customers – especially if you can deliver earlier than they expected.

Making a lasting impression

It is crucial to create a positive brand image and experience for Amazon customers to make a success out of this amazing marketplace. You should make efforts to earn great reviews, create brand awareness, and develop a loyal customer base. Growing an Amazon business is hard, but happy, loyal customers make life as an e-commerce entrepreneur that much easier.



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