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Selling on Amazon is one way to earn passive income online. Even better, you can earn this income without having to do much work, you can make money on Amazon even while you’re asleep but only if you have the right Amazon FBA tools at your disposal.

Running an Amazon business is a herculean task, sellers often have to carry out numerous processes ranging from product research, keyword research, listing optimization, and even supplier research. These processes take time and without them, it is impossible to get any Amazon business off the ground.

Earning sustainable income on Amazon is dependent on your ability to carry out these tasks, especially product research effectively. Amazon sellers are often burdened by the excruciating process of finding profitable products as this is the crux of every Amazon business and no Amazon business can exist without the right products.

Manual product research is a frustratingly long process of selecting products, then snooping around competitors one by one to find which products have a high demand. Amazon software is the solution to this problem.

What Is Amazon FBA Software?

Amazon software is software designed to help Amazon sellers carry out their Amazon business processes. This software is equipped with effective Amazon FBA tools for product research, keyword research, supplier research, and listing optimization.

There are all-inclusive Amazon FBA software and specific software. All-inclusive Amazon software contains a suite of Amazon FBA tools designed to carry out several tasks (product research tools, keyword research tools, listing optimization tools all in one software).

Specific software on the other hand is suited to cater to only one area of Amazon seller needs. Specific software can only carry out one Amazon business process – product research, keyword research, price tracking, or listing optimization but not all.

What Is The Best Amazon FBA Software For Product Research?

All-inclusive Amazon FBA software is usually the best choice for Amazon seers, especially those who are on a budget and cannot afford to pay for several tools.

With All-inclusive Amazon Seller software, you can access product research tools, keyword research tools, and other Amazon FBA tools in one place. The best Amazon seller software is an all-inclusive Amazon software that allows you to access all these tools at a reasonable price.

ZonBase is the best all-inclusive Amazon software. It is a comprehensive collection of 14 Amazon seller tools that cut across several Amazon seller needs. ZonBase has a vast collection of product research tools, keyword research tools, and listing optimization tools to help you carry out these tasks swiftly and efficiently without breaking a sweat.

Building a successful Amazon business starts with finding the most profitable products on Amazon, and there’s only one way to do that – Use ZonBase’s suite of product research tools.

ZonBase Product Research Tools

ZonBase uses a combination of four powerful product research tools to help you find the winning products on Amazon in any niche.

The tools are not only inclined to provide product suggestions, but they also help to narrow down your options to only the best so you only have to pick the best products out of a list of best products, so every product is a win for your business.

ZonBase’s product research tools include:

  • ZonResearch
  • Hot Products
  • Product Validator
  • Zon Chrome Extension
  • Sales Estimator


Making money on Amazon begins with finding the most profitable products. There’s only one way to do it right – ZonResearch!

ZonResearch is ZonBase’s Amazon seller tool that is designed to help you find the winning products in your niche. ZonResearch is a deep search tool that identifies the most profitable products in any niche and ranks them in only a matter of seconds.

ZonResearch also comes with a preset feature that allows you to carry out searches using a default specification or your preferred product specifications. You can then save and customize your presets and use them repeatedly.

Hot Products

ZonBase’s Hot products tool is an Amazon seller tool that uses important data, sales trends, and reviews to create a solid, reliable, and updated database. This Amazon seller tool is designed to give quick access to multiple product recommendations in a short time.

The Hot products tool not only finds the best products for you, but it also provides a list of reliable and authentic suppliers for you to source these products.

With ZonBase’s Hot products tool, you can have all the best-selling products in your niche at your fingertips.

Product Validator

Once you have found a list of products with high demand using ZonResearch and Hot Products, ZonBase’s product validator will help you validate and narrow down each of these product options so you can make the best choice.

When you use this Amazon FBA tool, the ZonBase team of Amazon experts will review your product options and select the most viable ones for your Amazon store. With ZonBase product validator, you can leverage the expertise of the ZonBase team of Amazon experts to scale your Amazon business.

Zon Chrome Extension

Do you remember how you used to spy on your competitors one by one? It will no longer be necessary for you to do that.

Zon Chrome extension is ZonBase’s competitive analysis tool for spying on your competitors and seeing what products are performing well before finalizing your product choice. 

Zon Chrome is equipped with the ability to provide comprehensive information about any product you decide to sell. This in-depth analysis of Amazon’s hottest products will help you make an informed decision before deciding on what product to sell.

Sales Estimator

Making record-breaking sales on Amazon depends on an effective product research strategy. The most effective product research strategies are the ones that go the extra mile to check sales records of products before listing them.

ZonBase sales estimator is the straightforward way to find products that have a proven record of sales. With the data gathered from this Amazon FBA tool, you can increase your chances of making sales from any product you decide to sell.


ZonBase is unarguably the best Amazon software for product research. Its vast combination of Amazon seller tools is perfectly suited to solve your Amazon seller needs and help you scale your business.

What’s more? You get access to all these Amazon FBA tools at a token, nothing exorbitant enough to tear your pocket, just well-priced and perfect to give you value for your money.


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