7 Amazon Seller Tips To Help You Increase Amazon Sales in Q1

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Making sales is one of the highlights of the year for every seller. But if you didn’t make so much sales last year, don’t get discouraged. On Amazon, you can increase your chances of success with each passing year. All you have to do is ensure you beat the competition. Aside from beating the competition, you have to plan for the new year and tie up all loose ends. In this post, we’ll show you 7 Amazon seller tips to help you hit your sales goal for Q1.

We will dive into these tips shortly. But first, you should remember that shoppers rarely take breaks. Amazon customers shop round the year and there are over 300 million of them. So if you go missing in action for too long, you’ll miss out on a significant amount of sales.

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Amazon Seller Tips For Q1

Stock Up On The Products That People Want To Buy

One mistake that most sellers begin the quarter with is selling products that no one wants. Everyone says there are 100 days in January, but AMZ’s statistics do not say so. People keep shopping because they can afford to. No one tucks their wishlist away after the festivities, you just don’t have what they’re looking for.

So, you should avoid selling seasonal products. Instead, focus more on products that will sell all through the year. Here are a few categories to consider:

  • Exercise and Fitness Equipment: People want to lose the excess weight gained from the holidays. So it’s only logical that this category experiences a spike.
  • Self-care and cosmetic products: Summer body and beauty goals are set in January. You can help them achieve these goals.
  • Seasonal items like Valentine’s day gift items.

Your best bet is to dedicate a significant amount of time to product research. Also, use relevant keywords and optimize your listings for increased conversions. You can automate these processes using AMZ software. With software, you’ll also be guaranteed better results. We’ll show you the best software for product research in 2022, keep reading.

Keep Your Promotions Running

Yes, the holidays are over and the festive season may have passed but don’t get it wrong, people are still shopping. This often plays out in two ways:

  • Some shoppers are still gifting people. As a result, they’ll probably be looking for suitable products for this purpose.
  • Others got gift cards which they cannot wait to use.

This is why you shouldn’t take off your promotions in Q1; you need to stay visible. Visibility is important if your goal is to increase Amazon sales. Keep your CPC (Cost-Per-Click) campaigns running even after Christmas. 

Another approach you should try, if you want to sell out on seasonal items, is product bundling. Product bundling involves pairing similar items or items that work together and the catch is to sell them off at a lower price. This sales approach gives sellers the impression of more value at a lesser price and can also help you sell out faster.

So, if you have seasonal items which aren’t doing well individually, you can try bundling similar products in a way that convinces buyers to purchase them. 

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Launch A New Product

Most sellers take stock of their inventory in January. If you don’t follow the crowd, your results will certainly be different. What should you do instead? Launch a new product and watch your sales boom. Even better when it’s a product in hot demand.

Don’t let your business remain static. Infuse new changes and add new products to your store. This is not to say you should not take stock of your inventory. Ensure you do so, but don’t focus all your attention on this. Also, dedicate time to product research, discover new products in your niche and launch them.

Moreover, almost everyone starts the year with new year resolutions, so you may want to target products that go in line with this. Fitness equipment, journals, clothes, and household items are great products to start with.

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Don’t Forget To Leave Room For Returns

Amazon’s return policy is quite flexible. While it may not be a good thing for your business, you must be ready to embrace it. Usually, Q4 is extended on Amazon, so it technically doesn’t end in December as you would expect.

AMZ’s policy is that products purchased between Nov 1st – Dec 31st can be returned until Jan 31st. This policy applies to all sellers regardless of the fulfillment option they use.

You can expect more sales in January but also expect more returns. Also, try to keep your products available and make sure your stock does not run out.

Make A Mental Note Of Q1 Holidays

There are a couple of holidays in Q1 and if you maximize them, you can increase Amazon sales drastically. Here are a few of the holidays to take note of.

  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • Valentine’s day
  • Mother’s day
  • Easter

You can look up the dates of these holidays and others that we may have missed. Then, research suitable products for each of these days. Afterward, craft a strategy to maximize sales in this period. One of the most effective Amazon seller tips is to create exclusive offers and special deals. Once this is done, go all out with your promotions.

For Valentine’s day, for instance, you can consider pairing male and female products in a bundle. Sellers in the fashion and jewelry category will find this strategy easy to pull off. Mother’s day deals are also a great idea.

How To Increase Amazon Sales in Q1 Using AMZ Software

Below are additional tips to help you increase Amazon sales in Q1 using AMZ software. 

Research Profitable Products

Without the right products, it is almost impossible to achieve success on AMZ. Most sellers struggle to find the best products for their store. Manual research often doesn’t cut it, so, it’s best to use AMZ software.

When researching products for your store, pay attention to your audience’s needs. Then find products that provide a solution to these needs.

Here’s how to find the most profitable products on AMZ.

Carry Out Keyword Research

Keywords are a crucial element in every AMZ listing. Without keywords, gaining visibility and making sales may be impossible.

Keyword research is a major process and guesswork may result in unbelievable losses. To avoid this, use trending key terms and compare listings. Don’t be scared to take cues from your competitors.

Your best bet is to use AMZ software for keyword research, preferably a tool that allows you to compare competitors’ listings. This way, you can see what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Optimize Your Listings

Your listings are the only way customers can view your products. Want to gain more visibility and increase Amazon sales in Q1? Then your listing optimization game must be on point.

Optimize your listings using titles, descriptions, bullet points, and other core elements. Keywords are very essential, so don’t forget to include them. The best way to optimize your listings for conversions is to use a listing optimization tool.

After optimizing your listings, don’t forget to promote them. Just ensure you keep your promotions running until the end of January.

Best AMZ Software To Help You Increase Amazon Sales in Q1

ZonBase is the best AMZ software for sellers who want to increase Amazon sales in Q1. The software offers a set of effective tools for research and listing optimization.

Asides from these, the software also offers a photo enhancer and sales estimator tool. New sellers can also leverage the mentorship service.

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