Amazon Product Research: What Do You Need To Know?

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Building a successful Amazon business is impossible if you do not make sales. It is also impossible to make sales if you are stuck with products that no one is buying. So, the only way to win on Amazon is to find the right products.

Manual research doesn’t cut it when it comes to Amazon product research. If you decide to carry out Amazon product research without an Amazon product research tool, you will be running round in circles because when it comes to researching products for your Amazon store, you need more than head knowledge.

Amazon product research is the only way to discover the most profitable products on Amazon. If you are just starting or already run an Amazon store, then you need an Amazon product research tool to help you carry out effective Amazon product research. 

Why? Here are a few reasons:

Why You Need An Amazon Product Research Tool

1.Competitive Analysis

You must carry out market research and competitive analysis to help you know what products are in demand. Once you have discovered the winning products, the next thing is to come up with an Amazon pricing strategy.

Products should not be sold for more than a buyer is willing to pay, this is why you will need to come up with an Amazon pricing strategy. In some cases, customers are unwilling to pay beyond a certain price range for a product, the price they offer may not even cover your cost price and shipping fees. 

If you decide to sell these kinds of products without proper research, there is a high possibility that you will run at a loss. That’s why Amazon product research is crucial before releasing a new product. 

Amazon product research tools can help you run market research, compare product prices and decide the best product for your Amazon store.

Support your product ideas with pricing data when it comes to Amazon product research. An Amazon sales estimator can help you predict your profits.

ZonBase is an Amazon product research tool that contains all the Amazon seller tools you can need, including a sales estimator and Reverse ASIN tool for competitive analysis. You will find out more about this Amazon product research tool shortly.

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2.Research Relevant Keywords

The only way to get even the winning products sold is to back your product listings up with relevant keywords. It is also a herculean task to research keywords all by yourself, you need an Amazon product research tool to help you generate the perfect keywords for your Amazon store.

Keywords help you gain visibility so that your listings get read. However, keyword research involves much more than ranking high on search results. Search term insight and pricing information helps you find out what’s in demand.  

You can discover products with high volume but low prices by using keywords with high search volume. Search for two to five terms that describe that product to get a general idea of its market size. Your search terms need to be popular and the profit margin should be high.   

After you’ve built up an extensive product database, it’s time to do some further research. How do you begin? 

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How To Do Amazon Product Research

1.Use ZonBase FREE Product Research Call

Amazon Product Research: What Do You Need To Know?

Now you know why you need an Amazon product research tool. ZonBase is the best Amazon product research tool to help you carry out competitive analysis and research the best keywords for your Amazon store. But that’s not all that this tool has to offer.

Not every Amazon seller knows how to run product research, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the tiniest idea of how it works. ZonBase not only offers you a suite of Amazon seller tools in one place, but you also gain access to a FREE Product Research Strategy call.

If you are just starting on Amazon and have no idea how to go about Amazon product research, the ZonBase Amazon Product Research strategy call is a good place to start. On the Product Research strategy call, you will get access to Amazon product research experts who will walk you through the process of finding the winning product on Amazon.

2.Use ZonBase Amazon Product Research Tools

Amazon Product Research: What Do You Need To Know?

ZonBase combines four powerful product research tools to help you find the top-performing products on Amazon in any niche.

It is not just that the tools provide product suggestions, but they also narrow down the choices so that you only have to pick the best products on a lengthy list, making every product a win for your Amazon store.

ZonBase’s product research tools include:

  • Zon Chrome Extension

Competitive analysis is at the core of your Amazon product research process, so if you are looking at making headway quickly, this tool should be first on your list. 

ZonBase’s Chrome extension is a competitive analysis tool that allows you to spy on your competitors and determine what products are performing best before finalizing your product selection. 

Using ZonBase’s Chrome extension tool, you can access the information you need about any product you are interested in selling. The analysis of Amazon’s most popular products will make it easier for you to select which products to sell.

  • Zon Research

With ZonResearch, you can find the hottest products in your niche. It is a deep search tool that comes with a preset feature and allows you to search for products using your specifications.

  • Hot Products

This tool uses product data, sales trends, and reviews to curate a list of best-selling products, the tool gives you access to product recommendations at the speed of light.

  • Product Validator

This Amazon FBA tool allows you to review the various product options and choose the ones that would be most suitable for your Amazon store based on expert reviews. Your Amazon business can scale with this tool that leverages the expertise of ZonBase’s Amazon experts.

Check out ZonBase’s product research tools here.

3.Ascertain Profitability With an Amazon Sales Estimator

Amazon Product Research: What Do You Need To Know?

Amazon’s sales estimator tools are tools that help sellers discover products that have successful sales histories. When looking for truly profitable products on Amazon, you need to check out their previous sales history, as not every product has a record of success.

It is rare for Amazon to provide sales information directly, it is something special software is required to access. The purpose of a sales estimator is to provide you with the hidden sales information you need to make the right product choice.

ZonBase contains Amazon product research tools as well as a sales estimator to help you access updated sales information about any product.

Using this Amazon product sale estimator, you can also spy on your competitors and find out how much they are selling. Based on this, you can then plan your sales strategy and promote your products more effectively. Using it for research will also let you view other vital historical data about the product such as its price, BSR, reviews, and ratings.

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4.Find Relevant Keywords Using Keyword Research Tools

ZonBase contains three Amazon keyword research tools to help you find the perfect keywords for your Amazon listings. 

ZonBase Keywords tool is designed to help you find more relevant, high-converting keywords and gain more visibility on Amazon so you can gain more sales, as the best guarantee for sales on Amazon is to show up on the first page of search results. 

In seconds, you can get all the details on any keyword on Amazon FBA using Zon Tracker.  ZonTracker keeps you updated when keywords change. Additionally, the system lists the varied keywords your competitors use.

ZonBase Reverse ASIN gives you an idea of what keywords your competitors are ranking for so that you may use this information to outrank them. You will not only discover what your competitors are doing, but you will be able to earn more revenue from sponsored ads if you use keywords from the tool in your ads as well.

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How To Hit Your Amazon Product Research Goals

Now that you know why you need an Amazon product research tool, and how to use it to get the best products for your Amazon store. There are a few questions you have to answer if you want to hit your product research goals. 

  • What makes your product and product listings unique?
  • What will your profit margin be?
  • How In-demand is the product you are going for?
  • What is the estimate of your business expenses?
  • Can the product help you build a solid brand?


Amazon product research is an essential part of scaling your Amazon business, and if you miss this process, your business may suffer from it. With this guide and ZonBase FREE Amazon Product Research call, you will be right on track.


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