How To Increase Amazon Sales In 2022: 7 Guaranteed Ways

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Online shopping has become a norm these days. Most people would rather add some items to an online cart and have them delivered than roam for hours in a physical store trying to make a few purchases. 

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, with over 12 million products in its catalog, 300 million active users, and a 50% stake in the online retail market. The platform is certainly a goldmine for sellers who know how to dig. 

However, there’s fierce competition in the Amazon marketplace. The platform boasts 2 million active sellers, so it’s a raging battle for survival. While customers are looking for the best deals, sellers are searching for how to increase Amazon sales. After all, every Amazon seller wants to get a slice of the pie. 

What can you do to increase Amazon sales and get your business going? Here are 7 ways you can increase Amazon sales in 2022.

How To Increase Amazon Sales In 2022

1. Optimize Your Listings

Amazon product listings play a major role in improving your visibility on Amazon. Amazon product listings often serve to convert visitors into buyers. So, if you want to increase your Amazon sales, you must pay attention to several elements of your product listings. Unfortunately, many Amazon sellers do not see a reason to optimize listings, some don’t even know how to optimize their listings for conversions.

There is no secret route to learning how to increase Amazon sales. But if you want to maximize your Amazon sales potential, then here are a few things to include in your product listings:

  • Product titles

Your product titles should help customers have a clear idea of what your product is. Keep product titles between 120-160 characters to avoid making it difficult for buyers to follow through with your listings.

  • Product descriptions

Product descriptions are similar to product titles, the only difference is that you have more characters to work with. Your ability to maximize your product descriptions determines whether or not you convert visitors into buyers. You should include relevant keywords in your descriptions, while still making sure the text is easy to read.

  • Product images

Product images play a major role in capturing buyers’ attention. Use clear, high-quality images in your listings. You have only a few chances to convince your buyers, so, if you use low-quality pictures, you lose 50% of potential sales. 

  • Product features

Here’s where you get a chance to sell your product. Including your product features in your listings is a great way to convince your buyers. Why should they buy from you? What benefits does your product offer? You can also include color, product specifications, and even a “what’s in the box?” video.

  • Product reviews

Nothing gets the work done like social proof. People are more likely to make a purchase if there are several reviews from people who have already used a product, so if you didn’t think reviews were important, now you know you should take them more seriously if your goal is to increase Amazon sales.

Asides from including these elements in your listings, also make use of bullet points, check for basic errors in your listings, use short paragraphs in your descriptions and make it easier for buyers to make a decision.

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2. Keyword Research

Amazon keyword research is essential for any seller who wants to boost sales on Amazon. Keywords work hand-in-hand with product listings to help you gain visibility and show up in Amazon search results.

Researching relevant keywords for your Amazon store must not be overlooked. Although the process takes time, it must be thoroughly carried out. If you are a newbie on Amazon, you may not have the skills necessary for effective keyword research. Luckily, keyword research tools can assist you in this process. 

Here are a few tips to help you ace Amazon keyword research.

  • Search for long-tail and short-tail keywords

Amazon experts use the terms “long-tail” and “short-tail” to describe different keyword combinations. Long-tail keywords contain longer sentences, typically between four and five words. Alternatively, short-tail keywords contain as few as two or three words.

There is more competition and a greater degree of generalization associated with short-tail keywords, which translates to higher search volumes. Search volume and competition for long-tail keywords are lower, conversion rates are higher, and costs are lower.

  • Run PPC Campaigns

Amazon PPC campaigns offer an effective way to access relevant keywords for your product listings. There are two ways to run campaigns: manually or automatically.

The difference between manual campaigns and automatic campaigns is that for manual campaigns, you choose the keywords you want to rank for, while for automatic campaigns, Amazon chooses several keywords and works with the best one.

If you do not have any experience in Amazon keyword research, it is recommended that you run automated Amazon PPC campaigns. 

  • Use An Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Amazon keyword research tools are a great way to get the burden of keyword research off your shoulders. ZonBase has the best keyword research tool to help you generate relevant keywords for your niche.

Learn more about ZonBase keyword research tools here.

3. Get More Reviews

Ranking well on Amazon’s search results is highly dependent on reviews. Reviews take precedence over technical specifications or product descriptions on Amazon.

Also, reviews play an important role in influencing sales. Many buyers take into account the number of reviews and what other customers have to say before buying products and services.

The Amazon reviews you get can prove beneficial to your Amazon business, considering that almost 90% of Amazon buyers are more likely to buy when you have positive Amazon reviews. Get reviews on Amazon and join the top league with these tips:

  • Use Amazon’s follow-up system
  • Create an email list
  • Use product inserts
  • Provide excellent customer service

Whatever you do on Amazon, you should avoid deceiving buyers to get them to buy from you as this may hurt your business in the long run. 

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4. Develop A Pricing Strategy That Works

Price is still one of the most crucial factors buyers consider before purchasing a product. So, if you want to increase Amazon sales, you have to get your pricing right.

It can be very challenging to choose the right price range for your products. Overcharging may scare off customers. Likewise, undercharging may result in customers considering your products to be of low quality.

It is imperative to avoid both extremes when pricing products since you lose money either way. You should aim for a balance. If you want to succeed, you must learn how to price your products on Amazon.

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5. Split Test Your Listings

A split test, which is also called AB testing, is a way to test which marketing strategies work best for your business. With split testing, you modify one element and measure the impact it has on metrics. 

Tests on Amazon product pricing and content are a powerful way to identify successful products. Every marketing tactic should be tested, and everything should be measurable and trackable.

One of the most important reasons you should make Amazon split testing a regular practice is the fierce competition. The number of active sellers on Amazon currently stands at two million, with 300,000 new sellers joining this year. As competition on Amazon surges, split testing is one of the smartest ways to get desirable results and be successful.

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6. Use Amazon FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon FBA is not just a fulfillment option; it may be just what you need to improve Amazon sales in 2021. Being an FBA seller helps you gain customers’ trust because it shows that Amazon is directly involved in your business.

If you cannot make use of Amazon FBA, then you may want to consider using Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. With Seller Fulfilled Prime, your products get the Prime badge, and you can offer your goods to over 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon Prime offers free shipping, so if you use Seller Fulfilled Prime, you also have to offer free shipping to Prime members. And it’s no secret that customers are more likely to buy your product if they are guaranteed free shipping.

The Amazon Prime program is a great way to increase Amazon sales. Make sure your products are eligible for Prime, and therefore get a higher share of sales, by using FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime.

7. Win Amazon’s Buy Box

Amazon’s Buy Box is probably the biggest selling point for its products. You’re missing out on a significant amount of sales if you don’t own the Buy Box. So, if your goal is to increase Amazon sales, you should be more concerned about winning the Buy Box.

win buy box to increase Amazon sales

The Buy Box is the white box on the right side of an Amazon product detail page from which customers can add items for purchase to their shopping carts.

Although no one knows for sure what it takes to win Amazon’s buy box, here are a few things that may help:

  • Fix lower prices and keep your prices consistent
  • Use Amazon FBA
  • Pay attention to your account health
  • Have a variety of products in stock.

Winning Amazon’s Buy Box is not the only way to increase Amazon sales, but it’s a surefire way, which is why it’s a goal for every Amazon seller.


There are several important factors to consider when you want to increase Amazon sales. To stay ahead of the competition, you should look at your competitors’ listings, learn from them, and avoid their pitfalls. Provide a truly exceptional customer experience, too. 

A constant approach is also critical to boosting sales. Keep your efforts consistent to reap the benefits. Several months of hard work will eventually reap the rewards. You may not see results immediately, but keep trying.





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