How To Get Reviews on Amazon in 2022: 7 Trusted Tips

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Being a successful Amazon seller is dependent on a lot of back-breaking processes which you can carry out seamlessly if you use the right Amazon software. However, it is important that you learn how to get reviews on Amazon before you launch your next product.

In this post, we will show you seven effective ways to get reviews on Amazon – using Amazon’s features or your own strategies.


  • What is social proof?
  • Why are Amazon reviews important?
  • How to get reviews on Amazon in 2022: With Amazon’s help
  • How to get reviews on Amazon in 2022: Independent methods
  • Can I prevent or hide negative Amazon product reviews?
  • Conclusion

The e-commerce industry experienced a boom in 2020 as consumers converted from shopping in-store to shopping online. Going by the statistics from a survey, almost 80% of consumers believe that shopping will be fully online by the end of the year, in other words, the e-commerce world is not going extinct anytime soon.

Selling online is your best bet if you’re considering earning passive income online. Amazon is a terrific place to start an online business if you are interested in earning passive income in the simplest way possible. 

Wondering how you can make sales on Amazon and go from 0-100 real quick? Effective product research, keyword research, and product listings will put you on the right track, but without social proof, all of these processes will come to nothing. 

This is why you need to learn how to get reviews on Amazon, but first what is social proof?

What is Social Proof?

Remember how you were instantly convinced when you tried to make an online purchase and saw a couple of five-star ratings and good reviews? That’s what social proof is – a strategy to help you turn visitors into buyers, and hopefully, when they buy once, you can get them to come back.

Social proof is mostly in form of reviews that reflect brand credibility and can help you build trust. Now that you know what social proof is, you definitely don’t want it working against you, so let’s see how you can get positive reviews on Amazon and gain real social proof to make more sales. But first, why are Amazon product reviews so important?

Why are Amazon reviews important?

Nothing convinces a crowd more than a crowd, this applies to every business but is even more important when it is an Amazon business. The responses from an Amazon survey showed the following results:

  • 13.6% of buyers trust Amazon reviews fully.
  • 55.6% of buyers somewhat trust reviews on Amazon
  • 24.6% only trust reviews from verified purchasers
  • 6.2% don’t trust reviews at all.

Reviews are a big deal on Amazon, it’s how the big guys on Amazon are able to rake in so many sales. Some Amazon FBA sellers make next to no sales because they have not learned how to get reviews on Amazon.

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Amazon reviews can make or mar your Amazon business, especially as almost 90% of buyers are more likely to buy when you have positive reviews. Here’s how you can join the top league and gain more reviews on Amazon.

How to get reviews on Amazon in 2022: With Amazon’s help

Amazon understands the importance of product reviews. Ultimately, if you are not making sales, Amazon is not making sales. So, Amazon has put systems in place to help you gain reviews and make more sales. Below are four Amazon programs for getting product reviews.

Utilize Amazon’s automated follow-up system

Getting Amazon customers to leave reviews is just as important to Amazon as it is to you. Amazon has a follow-up system in place for reaching out to customers who just made purchases. This system sends automatic emails to recent buyers, encouraging them to leave a review or report any issues they experienced.

The system only sends one automatic email, but if you use the ‘request a review’ feature, you can send a second email to request a product review. 

Use the ‘Request a Review’ feature

Amazon’s ‘Request a Review’ feature is a button that can often be found in Seller Central’s Order Reports. This feature allows you to send an automatic follow-up email to your customers. To use this feature, the purchase period must be with 4 – 30 days, and you can only send one review request.

There has been a substantial increase in the number of reviews since this feature was introduced, so you may want to try it out. However, you have to go through orders individually to click the request a review button, this can be time-consuming but you can request reviews for your Amazon FBA orders in bulk if you have the right Amazon software with this feature.

Use Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program is aimed at encouraging customers to review new products. Following a purchase, Amazon offers a $5 gift card in exchange for the shopper’s review.

Enrolling in Amazon’s Early Reviewer program is as simple as submitting your product and agreeing to its terms and conditions. Sellers are charged $60 after they receive a review from one of the reviewers.

Enroll in Amazon Vine Program 

An inventory submission for Vine requires a seller to submit 30 units. Reviewers then receive the product for free, test it out, and write a review.

Amazon reports that 25% of product reviews occur within 5 days of order, while 98% of reviews occur within 35 days, so reviews are happening more quickly. 

Currently, Vine is free for third-party sellers, and only sellers who have less than 30 reviews and have Amazon brand-registered products are eligible to use this feature.

How to get reviews on Amazon in 2022: Independent methods

How To Get Reviews on Amazon in 2021: 7 Trusted Tips

Need more reviews but can’t find a suitable option from Amazon? Don’t fret, you can use your own strategies to gain more reviews and make more sales on Amazon. Here are the 3 best Amazon seller strategies to get positive product reviews.

Create an Email list. 

Third-party email responders and messaging systems are not always reliable, so you need a stable way to keep in touch with your customers. If you keep communicating with Amazon software and extensions, you will be largely dependent on Amazon. 

It is more advisable to build your brand online, yet independent of any platform. Creating an email list is one of the most efficient ways to build your brand, stay in touch with your buyers and get more reviews in 2021.

You can build an email list by giving away freebies through a landing page and requesting email addresses in exchange for the freebie. You can also use social media or create a blog and ask people to subscribe.

Product Inserts

Almost every online shopper has come across a product insert requesting product reviews. Product inserts are the easiest and most popular way to get Amazon product reviews, simply insert a card into your package asking buyers to leave a review. Just be sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines in doing this. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe:

  • Be neutral when you ask for feedback on your products. Amazon does not allow you to ask people to leave you a 5-star review.
  • Describe the company and its product in detail. Make sure you have contact information for people in case of a problem. Customer service is a key factor in preventing negative reviews.
  • Create other incentives. Although a product insert cannot financially incentivize reviews, you can encourage a person to join your email list or follow you online. 

Launch Products on promotional marketplaces

Your success as an e-commerce seller is highly dependent on the online marketplaces where you list your products. New products are launched on Amazon promotional markets all the time, and some shoppers feel compelled to leave positive feedback because of the money-saving deals offered by these sites.

You must remember, however, that you cannot exchange a product for feedback from an Amazon promotional marketplace. Therefore, reviewing a heavily discounted, or even free product is not guaranteed.

Can I prevent or hide Negative Amazon product reviews?

You may not be able to hide negative reviews if you get them, but you can prevent them from coming in by making sure your products are of utmost quality and providing good customer service. It’s best to be proactive as Amazon no longer allows sellers to comment on negative reviews.


Amazon product reviews are an essential part of every Amazon business, using these tips will improve your chances of getting more reviews, gaining social proof, and making more sales. Alongside these tips, customer service and great product listings are a plus.

Now that you know how to get reviews on Amazon, you can go ahead and gain real social proof to scale your Amazon business.

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