How to split test your Amazon listing and increase sales?

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What is Split Testing?

Split testing also popularly known as AB testing is a method to test which marketing strategies are best for you. Using split testing you select one element, change it and test how it is affecting metrics. 

Split testing is a powerful tool to identify successful Amazon product’s pricing and content. Testing everything is the success mantra used by marketers where everything is easily measurable and trackable. 

When running split testing on a website you can test one element by creating two versions of it simultaneously. But, Amazon has its own rules. You can’t create two product listings for the same product as Amazon will only send traffic to one. What you are allowed to do is change the listing once every 24 hours.

This article will show you how you can split test effectively on Amazon to increase your conversion and product sales.

Why you should do Amazon split testing?

The first and the most important reason why you should make Amazon split testing a regular thing is because of the huge competition. There are currently 2 million active sellers on Amazon with over 300k new sellers joining this year. With this increasing competition, split testing is one of the smartest ways to get desirable results and make your Amazon business a huge success. 

How to Split Test?

Decide what to split test

Product Title

Product title is the main element of an Amazon product listing. It helps your potential customer to find and know about your product. Amazon’s A9 algorithm also relies on the product title to check how relevant the product is and rank them on Amazon search results. Every element of the product’s title can be split tested right from the words being used to the placement of the words in the title. You can split-test whether to place the product category first or keyword or brand or size…


After the product’s title, Images play the most important part in every product’s sale. You should always add multiple images to your product listing: thumbnail, main images, and more as required. 

How can you split test images? If you have different versions of the main feature image such as different colors or other variants. You can test which image is improving your click-through rate or overall conversions. 

Bullet Points

With bullet points also you can play with different wordings placement of right keywords, a number of key points addressing customer concerns, etc. Here the main goal is to find the best combination of bullet points that is Amazon SEO-optimized and also works well for your customer. 


Product pricing plays a significant part in buyer’s decision-making process. Changing your product’s pricing can also increase your product’s sales. You can test by either lowering the product’s price by 10% or increasing it by 10%. Lowering the price by 10% will attract more customers who want good quality product’s even when they have to pay a slightly higher price. However, lowering the price by 10% will attract customers who are price-conscious.

Split Test Manually

Split testing is the smart way to improve your conversion, increase product sales. You can perform split testing manually but using software will be a great choice. Why? Because softwares will give you accurate results and allow you to track everything.

Select softwares for amazon split testing

Here are two pieces of softwares that are great for split testing on Amazon:


Splitly provides accurate and automated Split testing using artificial intelligence. You can test different elements of product description using Splitly: pricing, images, titles, features, descriptions, and keywords. The software test every element after you upload variables and give stats to check what is working and giving good results. 


Dojo will help you to split test up to 7 elements of your product listing. The software is simple and easy to use. You can set up everything and run your tests within minutes.

Final Thoughts

Split testing is an amazing process to outrank your competition and improve your conversion and increase product sales. Many successful Amazon sellers swear by this method to find the most effective product listing for their Amazon business. But you have to run the tests repeatedly and also do follow-up tests to continue optimizing your listing and improving results.


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