Why Facebook Ads? – Benefit Of Using Facebook Advertising – Part 1

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Are you a business owner thinking of trying Facebook Ads for your business or a digital marketer who wants to introduce a new service to your clients.

Either way, if you are wondering why Facebook Ads, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you are going to learn how Facebook advertising works and what makes it so effective.

Does Facebook advertising work?

Before answering Facebook advertising works or not, let’s look at how does Facebook advertising work?

  • You can create Facebook ads for your goal be it to increase website traffic, promote your page, find leads, etc.
  • Facebook ads allow you to target your potential customers based on their behavior, age, gender, and location.
  • You can set a daily budget to run your ads, and Facebook will not allow the ads to cross the limit.
  • Facebook provides Pixel which records or tracks every activity of users and collects data which is very beneficial to create retargeting ads.

Who should advertise on Facebook?

Facebook ads are very different from Google Ads. Google ads work best when there is already a demand and your ad comes to fulfill those. Whereas Facebook ads are display ads that generate demand.

If you are a business owner you should know if Facebook advertising is fit for your business or not.

Second, know your goal. Users are on Facebook to connect with their friends and family not to buy any product or service.

Businesses who fail to understand these fail at Facebook advertising.

Does Facebook advertising work?

The answer to this question is very short and easy, yes it works.

If you know how to leverage Facebook advertising, it will work like magic for your business.

Why Facebook Ads? - Benefit Of Using Facebook Advertising - Part 1

Here are some strategies that we have summed up for you that you need to make sure Facebook advertising works for you:

Create Ads around your goals

Do you know Facebook allows you to create ads based on it’s 12 specific objectives?

Each of these objectives is categorized under Awareness, Consideration, and conversion. You should know what is your goal and priority and choose the objective according to that.

Track properly

How to track your Facebook ads, using Facebook pixels. You need to set up Facebook pixels as required to let it track the activity of users. By adding the pixel to your website, you can target your audience further based on their interaction with your website.

Target your audience

You can target your customers on Facebook based on their Age, Gender, Location, Interests, Behaviours, occupation, income, and many more. Isn’t it interesting? If you are a women’s clothing brand, you can target women with historical shopping behaviors, who have shown interest in clothing brands. Facebook Ad will show your ad directly to people you need to see them.

Be creative

Creativity is what will make your ads unique and will catch the attention of your potential customers. As users are there on Facebook to connect with their friends, and many of your competitors might be showing their ads to them, you will only stand out and create an impression if you deliver great content.

Monitor regularly

You should never just launch your ads and let Facebook do its work. It never works like that with Facebook advertising. You need to always keep monitoring your ads on a regular basis and review the progress.

The question here is not “Does Facebook advertising work” but the question is “ How to make your Facebook ads work for you”.

What makes Facebook Ads so effective?

Facebook’s immense global users have made Facebook advertising so effective. 1.5 billion people are daily active users of Facebook. This statistic explains why marketers and businesses are taking advantage of the platform.

A decade ago when Facebook was created, it was a social networking site to connect students with one another and now it has grown to become a global powerhouse affective the lives of almost everyone.

As Facebook users continue to grow, it gives a great opportunity to marketers and businesses to leverage Facebook data and target their potential customers.

The only way to know if Facebook ads will be beneficial for you or not is by trying it out yourself and evaluating the results.

If you are still confused if you should go for Facebook advertising or not, we will be sharing some more information and interesting facts in our next blog.



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