How To Advertise On Facebook: Best Advertising Strategies

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Selling online is prominent now more than ever. It’s easy to set up an online store on a platform like Amazon. What’s not so easy is making sales. To make sales, you will need to promote your products. You can choose to do this on Amazon via sponsored ads. If you cannot bear the cost of running Amazon ads yet, then you may want to consider Facebook Advertising. This brings us to the main focus of this post; “How To Advertise On Facebook”. If you read to the end, we will tell you all about this and you’ll be ready to promote your products through Facebook ads. Before we get started, here are a few reasons why Facebook ads are a perfect way to promote your business.

  • As of December 2019, there are over 2.50 billion monthly active users of Facebook.
  • 90 million small businesses around the world have their Facebook pages.
  • 86.8% of US marketers are using Facebook marketing in 2020.

If you are totally new to Advertising on Facebook, use this article as your guide. You can also check this youtube video by clicking here to gain more understanding.

Why Advertise on Facebook

If you are only using social media posts to promote your business, then you are missing out on its full potential. Here are a few reasons why Facebook is the best advertising medium for your business:

  • Most of your potential customers are using Facebook on a daily basis. It is found that people spend an average of 40 minutes on this platform.
  • The budget is under your full control, you can enter the amount you want to spend and the Facebook Ads will run accordingly.
  • Facebook gives you the great benefits of reaching the most targeted audience. Your ads will be showing only to your potential customers if you set the targeting right.
  • Facebook advertising gives you fast results, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people in one day or one week according to your each day budget.
  • It also increases brand awareness and establishes your social authority along with increasing revenue, sales, and leads.
  • Facebook allows you to create Video ads that grab more attention from people.>
  • If you want to increase your email list for your business, Facebook advertising is the best option for you.

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Types of Facebook Ads

Image Ads

Image ads are the most simple type of ads. You just need a high-quality image that clearly displays the idea behind the goal of your Ad. You can create an Image Ads in two steps by boosting your post on Facebook.

Make the Images interesting and creative that attract your customers. As you are using Image, you should make sure to make your Ad Copy appealing.

Video Ads

Research has found that Facebook video ads do better compared to other types of Ads. You can create videos to show your product, brand, or company. All you have to do is to create a short and informative video. A GIF or animation will also work well if you infuse a little creativity into it.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads can show multiple images, up to 10 at a time. It is mostly used by the eCommerce industry to showcase its products. You can show different products at a time, each with its own website links.

Slideshow Ads

You can create slideshow ads from images, or short video clips. One benefit of using slideshow ads over video ads is that it uses five times less bandwidth. So, people with a low internet connection can also watch it without any interruptions.

Video Poll Ads

As the name suggests, it is a video ad asking viewers to answer a poll. Video poll ads are mobile-only Facebook Ads. Since it requires audience engagement, it works better than Video ads in increasing brand awareness.

Lead Generation Ads

Facebook lead ads allow you to collect leads by getting information from your potential customers. You can collect information from customers using the contact form or instant form from Facebook, or you can also create a landing page.

Learn more about Lead Ads.

Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads allow you to create personalize your ads without any manual work. You can customize your ads to promote your products or services to targeted customers. This ad gives you the option to target customers who visit your product page but don’t make a purchase. You can also retarget those who added the product to the cart but abandoned it.

Messenger Ads

Facebook allows you to create ads and edit the placements of the ads. If you choose the placement for messenger then your messenger ads are created which will give you access to 1.3 billion people.

Facebook also allows you to run click to messenger ads. With Messenger ads, you can create a call to action that opens up a messenger conversation.

Stories Ads

Story Ads are another type of placement ads. This will allow your ads to be visible on your customer’s Facebook or Instagram story.

Facebook Ad Specs

Facebook has some rules and policies that you have to strictly follow while creating your Ads. Facebook keeps changing the Ads specs for different Ads. This includes specifications for Images, videos, etc.

Check out the specifications for different types of Ads.

How to use Facebook Ads to promote a business?

To get you started with Facebook Ads, we have dissected the whole process into 4 steps:

Create your business page, Ad Account and set up Business Manager

You need to create a business page before starting any Facebook advertisements. Your ads will display from the page that you created and any visitor who clicks the name will land on your business page.

If you already created your business page, you can go on to the next step of creating an Ad account. An ad account is where you will be creating your Ads. Next, you will need to set up a Business Manager and add your ad account.

A business Manager is a tool by Facebook designed to help you manage your Ad account and Facebook page.

Here‘s how to create a Business Manager.

Add Facebook Pixel to the website

You might be wondering here what is Facebook Pixel and why do you need it? Facebook pixel is a code that tracks all the customer activities on your website. You have to place the code on your website and activate it on your ads.

You can use the Facebook pixel to get some good information that can help you with creating retargeting Ads. So, it helps to get a good ROI for your investment. Not only you can create retargeting Ads but create lookalike audiences, optimize Facebook Ads for conversions, gain access to more Facebook ad tools and metrics.

You can add the Facebook pixel to the website in just two simple steps:

STEP 1 Click Events Manager on the top left corner, click Create a Pixel button. Then, Name your pixel, add your website and then create Pixel.

STEP 2 Once you have created Pixel, again go to Events Manager, Go to Pixels, click set up pixels, then go to manually add pixel code to the website. You will get a code, copy the code and paste it at the bottom of the header section of your website.

Start creating your Ads: 

  • Choose Objective – Now it’s time to start creating your Ads. First, choose the objective or aim of your Ads. To choose the best objective, you have to understand what result you want from the Ads. There are types of objectives and each type has its subtypes.Check them out below:
  1. Awareness: Brand Awareness, Local Awareness, and Reach.
  2. Consideration: Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, and Lead Generation.
  3. Conversion: Conversions, Product Catalogue Sales, and Store Visits.

Here’s how to start creating your Facebook ads.

  • Set your budget – Facebook allows you to set and manage your daily, as well as overall ad budget. Your ads will stop running once your budget is fully exhausted. You can schedule your ads by giving the time and date from when you want them to start running.
  • Target your Audience- Select your audience based on your niche and product type. Enter the age, location, language, and other details of your potential customer. To further narrow down your audience, you have the option to choose the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your customer.
  • Select Ads placements- Next, you have to select where you want your ads to run. Facebook feed, Facebook stories, Instagram feed and Instagram story, Marketplace, Messenger, and more.
  • Pick a format- There are presently six Ad formats available on Facebook. You can choose from a single image, single video, slideshow, carousel, instant experience, and collection.
  • Submit your Ad for review- Once you are done with everything to review your ads and then submit it. The ad will be sent for review and if approved will start running at the scheduled time.

Test, Measure, and Manage your Ad

Once your ad starts running you can track the performance and even edit the campaign if you want. Now, is the time to test with different things and find out what is working for you. Ensure you measure your ads performance regularly. To do this, you can use the various metrics provided by the Facebook business manager.

Conclusion: Is it Worth Advertising on Facebook?

The answer is yes. Advertising on Facebook is worth it. If you know how to leverage the platform to its full potential, you will get results for sure. If you miss reaching your target market you will end up losing your money. This is because you’ll end up connecting with people who are not at all interested in your product.

Facebook has stored a lot of data about all its users for years. It knows how every user behaves and what their interests are. You just have to give direction to Facebook through your ads. So, understanding your ideal customer is the most important part of getting success on Facebook Ads.

You should not only select your target audience but create appealing Ad copies. Using great images or videos contributes greatly to success with Facebook ads. Make an effort to understand your customer’s pain points and needs. Then creatively show them the solution through your ads. This approach will bring your ideal customer to you and make every penny in your ad budget worth it.



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