How to make your products profitable on Amazon in 2021

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Having a product that has high demand and also meets all the criteria for an ideal product will alone not make your business profitable. 

There are other efforts needed which will make your product and the Amazon business profitable. Here are the after steps of the amazon product research process.

Beat the competition

The success mantra for any business is to beat the competition. To bring in sales continuously you have to take care of multiple things. The product pricing, features, benefits, product listing optimization are some ways to outrank the competition. 

There can be 100, 1000, 10,000, or many more other products selling on Amazon for your product category. But, that does not mean it is impossible to rank your product higher than them.

Here are some tips to help you beat the competition on Amazon:

  • Offer good quality products to your customers. Customers love getting products that provide value for their money.
  • Product pricing can make or break the success of the Amazon FBA business. With the right pricing strategy, you can improve the performance and outrank the competition.
  • Always track product listing, introduce keywords, and optimize the listing for Amazon SEO.
  • Make use of Amazon PPC to rank your product high on Amazon search results.

Optimize for Amazon SEO

Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to rank products according to a customer’s search query. Amazon takes various factors like product sales, listing optimization, keywords used, reviews, image quality, etc.

Follow product listing optimization to improve your product ranking. It is an ongoing process and the listing should be improved regularly. 

Always have a look for what keywords top sellers are using and through which their products are ranking. You can use software like ZonBase to find keywords. The software has tools that will also help to enhance product images and help in product listing optimization for Amazon SEO.

Do product marketing right

There are some marketing strategies that you have to adapt in order to outrank the competition. Here are some:

  • Amazon sponsored products: Amazon provides PPC marketing for products, where you can rank for keywords and whenever anyone clicks the sponsored product link, you will get paid.
  • Social Media Marketing: Create social media accounts for your product or business. Social media presence builds your brand’s authority and trust among customers.
  • Facebook Advertising: Facebook has stored a lot of data about users which you can use to target your customer and market your product.
  • Google Ads: Use Google Ads to create sponsored PPC advertisements for Google search results that will have a link to Amazon product listing.

Spend time on knowing customers feedback and improving according to it

Customer reviews should never be ignored. Always have a look at negative reviews and find out what the problem is. Negative reviews not only affect sales but also the product’s ranking and performance on search results. Spend productive time reviewing those feedbacks and trying to improve them for your customers.

Does Amazon FBA organically increase your sales?

Yes, Amazon can definitely increase your sales if you follow the best Amazon SEO practice. There are two strong factors that contribute to organically boost your sale.

Amazon Search Algorithm- A9 – Similar to the google search algorithm, Amazon has a search algorithm which is A9 which decides which product to rank high for a search result. If you have followed best practices and your products start showing higher on search results, your sales will start boosting organically.

Building Customer Trust- Amazon already has built its trusted customer base, but you have to gain trust for your products. If your product is of good quality and provides great value, you will get good reviews and ratings. This will also help your product to rank organically and boost sales.

How to set up an effective Amazon advertising campaign?

Amazon sponsored ads to follow PPC methods where you will only get paid when someone clicks your ad. Sponsored product ads appear on the first page of search results.

You can set your daily budget and enter a broad, phrase, or exact match keywords for which you want your products to appear.

Here are some steps to set up an effective Amazon advertising campaign:

STEP 1: If you are new to setting Amazon sponsored ads, you can make use of automatic targeting. It will enable Amazon’s search algorithm to recommend relevant keywords and choose the default bid for all the keywords. 

STEP 2: After one and two weeks of running your sponsored ads, it will get enough data to show which keywords are doing best. Create manual campaigns and use those keywords. You can adjust the keyword bids by yourself.

STEP 3: Find out what negative keywords are for your products for which you do not want your product to appear or that have low-value. Add those keywords to your sponsored product Ad.

Found your answer to How to sell on Amazon FBA? If you still have some doubts, it’s okay, no need to worry. You can watch a step by step comprehensive video guide to getting more grasp into it. It is totally normal to be nervous before starting the Amazon FBA business. That’s why there are online courses to make you all prepared and be confident before entering the journey.


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