How To Find Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon in 2021

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The key to a successful Amazon business is finding high-value products with low competition and having the right marketing strategy in place that targets key customers and maximizes conversions. 

In this article, we will give you all the information you need to find these hot products quickly and sell them to the right kind of customers who are desperate to buy your product.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Amazon’s bestseller rank is a number or metric associated with every product selling on Amazon. The best seller rank directly identifies the ranking based on the number of sales the product has on Amazon.

The rank is calculated and updated on Amazon every hour based on sales calculation. The product with rank #1 means it has received the highest number of sales in the last hour than any other product in a similar category.

The Amazon bestseller rank does not take into consideration the customer’s feedback or reviews or the number of reviews that are positive. It is completely based on product sales and it varies depending on different marketplaces.

How can you use Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

When you are searching to find one profitable product, you can use Amazon Best Sellers Rank. It will give you products that are high in demand and can be profitable when you select them as your products.

Your selected product should have a sales rank lower than 2000 but strictly should not be more than 5000. Products with a rank of more than 5000 have very low demand and even if you sell a product on Amazon with a higher rank, there is a probability that it won’t sell more as there are not enough demands.

A product with BSR between 8000-10000, sells 4-6 sales each day, and products with BSR between 5,000 and 8,000 have 6-10 sales per day. Products having BSR between 2000-5000 have 10-20 sales each day and products with the best sellers rank less than 2000 have a lot more sales per day.

Steps to finding profitable Amazon products

Whether you are a new seller on Amazon or need another profitable product, here you will find products that will provide great profit figures to your business.

But, first, we will check the characteristics of the ideal products to sell on Amazon FBA to create a profitable business. Here is the checklist of ideal products: 

  • Products that have high demand
  • Products with less competition
  • A product having a strong profit margin
  • Products that have low seasonality or can be sold all over the year.
  • Products that are simple to manufacture
  • Products with small in size and lightweight
  • Product with prices range between $18 and $50
  • Products that have BSR less than 5000 or at least sell 10 items per day.
  • Products that are quick and easy to source.
  • The product should not have any brand name or trademark associated with it.
  • Products that have good multiple manufacturers, do not depend on only one supplier.
  • Check for products that do not have any legal issues.
  • Avoid fragile products.

Finding products with high demand

The first step is to start listing products that have high demand. How to identify products that have high demand? You can make use of Google, Amazon, or software. Here is the list of product categories with levels of demand.

Product categories with high demand

  • Books
  • Baby Products
  • Jewelry
  • Gym and Sportswear
  • Kitchen products
  • Health and personal care
  • Beauty
  • Electronics

Product categories with medium demand

  • Home Improvement products
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys and Games
  • Office products

Product categories with low demand

  • Automotive
  • Arts and crafts
  • Industrial and scientific
  • Musical Instruments

Amazon never discloses sales estimates for any products selling on its marketplace. But, we can find products with high demand through the best selling section of Amazon, searching on Google, and using software to give accurate results.

Research best sellers list on Amazon (Manual Method)

Amazon marketplace provides the best seller or top-selling products on its platform for every product category. You need to research and study the products to find those which have high demand but have not yet been discovered by many Amazon sellers.

To find the bestseller list from Amazon:

  • Navigate to a product category such as Jewelry, kitchen products.
  • Click Bestsellers from the horizontal menu. You will get a list of 100 products that are top-selling on Amazon.

As Amazon’s best sellers rank gets updated every hour, similarly, the top-selling products on Amazon also get updated every hour. You will get the BSR for each product at the bottom of the product information.

A third-party seller on Amazon will use the information from Amazon’s best sellers list who wants to take their Amazon business to the next level and increase profitability.

Researching on Amazon to find products is a manual method. Here you can manually check what top sellers are doing for making their products profitable.

If you compare top-selling products on amazon to other products of the same category you will find the difference in the product optimization, keywords they use, and how they use, feedback, and reviews.

Check the comparison and note the important findings. Note what added feature or benefit the product is providing that is making it more profitable compared to others.

Use software to get accurate data (Automatic Method)

This process is the quickest way to get amazon product research results with the help of accurate data.

Going through each bestseller list from Amazon, then checking for the ideal product checklist, product listing, images, reviews, competition, and much more manually will take a great amount of time as well as effort.

Here, you will find software that has all the needed tools for Amazon FBA business in just one platform. Using an All-in-one software platform brings multiple benefits such as cost benefits, advanced tools, and many more.

Here, we are talking about ZonBase 

How to get started with ZonBase:

  • Go to the ZonBase website and register.
  • Check all the plans available and select a plan best suits your needs.
  • With this software, you can learn to manage and run Amazon FBA stores for someone else and make money.
  • Get a FREE t-shirt as a gift.

Now, we will talk about how to use ZonBase to find the right product for selling at Amazon FBA.

There are two tools that you can use: ZonResearch and ZonBase Chrome Extension.

ZonResearch is a tool used for product research. The tool digs deep into Amazon’s database to take data of more than 20 million products. Discover your winning product category within seconds using this tool.

ZonBase Chrome Extension is used as a chrome extension to speed up the product research process using Amazon.

Other tools of ZonBase that can be a great benefit for Amazon third-party sellers are Sales estimator, ZonTracker, Keywords, Reverse ASIN, Listing Optimization, PageOne, PPC AutoPilot, Product Validator, and Photo Enhancer.


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