Earn Money Chatting With Strangers

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Earn Money Chatting with Strangers

How would you like to get paid 400$ per week to chat or talk with strangers? Yes, you are reading it right. You can make money online by talking to strangers.

We have been told since childhood not to talk to strangers. It can be dangerous as we don’t know who might turn into what. But don’t worry you are completely safe as long as you are sitting behind your computer. In this world of the Internet, we are all protected behind our screen and living in our own house.


Why Should You Get Money For Chatting With Strangers?

There are many companies or websites that will pay you for your time. The time that you will spend talking to strangers that can be their customer or client.

Working as a text operator or chat agent will give you an opportunity to earn money online from the very first day. The essential requirement for you to earn this money is to master the language at the native level, have an Internet connection and computer.


How To Find This Opportunity?

You will find here three websites that hire chat operators remotely and give you money for your precious time and work.


Site Staff

Site Staff is a live chat software that provides chat service to businesses. They hire US-based chat agents that help manage their software. Here you can apply to become one of those chat agents if you are in the United States.

If you are hired then you will get paid 10 dollars per hour for a chat. What is the qualification to apply?

  • You should be able to type up to 60 words per minute./li>
  • You are good at grammar and spelling.
  • You are able to multitask and carry on 3-4 chats at the same time.
  • You should have a great problem-solving attitude.
  • You are self-disciplined and a Team-Player.

If you think you are all these and also finding opportunities to make money online. You should not miss this and apply it to their website sitestaff.com.


Apple at Home Advisor

If you are an Apple user and have adequate knowledge about Apple products then Apple at Home Advisor is the best option for you. Here, you have to help and support people who are facing issues with their Apple products.

Do you want to know how much you can earn? You can make up to 23$ per hour chatting with strangers and solving their problems for which you will be trained by them. Check their website and you can find a number of jobs posted, you can apply for which you think you might be suitable for.



Weebly offers another great opportunity for you to start earning from home. They hire self-motivated people with strong communication skills to provide customer service for their company.

They hire individuals from all over the United States. You will get 17 to 18 dollars per hour and they require you to work at least 20 hours per week. So if you have time and looking to work online, this is a great job to earn at least $400 per week.

These are three websites through which you can earn money, sitting at home, chatting with strangers. If you want to find more ways to have part-time hustle and earn passive income, you can find yourself some legit websites online or keep reading our blogs.


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