2021 Guide to Creating Great Amazon Marketing Strategy

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5 Effective and Proven Amazon Marketing Strategy

Take Care of Amazon SEO

Taking care of Amazon SEO should be on the priority list of your Amazon marketing strategy. For those who are new, we will first talk about Amazon SEO. Amazon uses its own algorithm, A9 to decide which product should rank higher for a particular search result.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm is programmed to help customers find a product that is most relevant to their search terms. Factors that the algorithm consider to rank the products on search results are:

  • Click to sales rate (CTS)
  • Sales page content
  • Keywords used
  • Reviews
  • Customer’s behavior

These are some of the important factors or parameters used by the A9 algorithm to calculate a product’s ranking. Whenever you search on Amazon, it combines these factors and within seconds presents results that are most relevant.

So, if you want to sell on Amazon for a long time, you should consider optimizing your product listing with the best Amazon SEO practice.

Optimize the product’s description with target keywords, add bullet points, including the product’s features and benefits. All this will help your product listing to be optimized for Amazon’s SEO algorithm.

Sponsor Your Products

Amazon provides a Pay-per-click Amazon advertising platform using which you can sponsor your products for relevant keywords. Using a Pay-per-click advertiser will get paid only when someone clicks the product’s advertisement.

If you create, manage, and execute the PPC campaign properly, your item can appear on the first products page of amazon search results and also amplify sales.

Why are PPC campaigns important for Amazon’s third-party sellers?

  • New sellers use PPC campaigns to get their products noticed when any customer searches using relevant search phrases or keywords. There are over 120 million products on Amazon and newly added products needed some extra push at the beginning.
  • Organic ranking on Amazon takes time but PPC campaigns give fast and good results when created and managed perfectly.
  • You can make your products rank on the first page of search results for any target keyword using Amazon PPC campaigns and can amplify sales.

How to create an Amazon PPC strategy?

There are three formats of Amazon PPC available:

Sponsored Products Ads: They are keyword-targeted ads that can appear on multiple locations: Amazon search result page, Amazon product details page, and external websites. Sponsored products are shown on external websites You can use sponsored ads to retarget those who have visited your product but didn’t make a purchase.

Sponsored Brands: Sponsored brand ads are shown on search results based on relevant keywords.

Product Display Ads: These ads appear on the product detail page below the “Add to Cart” button, right side of search result, and bottom of search results. Product display ads are only available for vendors.

Here are steps to create your first Amazon PPC strategy:

  • Before starting the campaign, find all the relevant and target keywords for your product. Do detailed research on your competitors.
  • Set daily budgets more than what is recommended by Amazon.
  • Run the ads for one week to test if it is performing well or not.
  • Monitor your ads and use ad reports to find which keywords are doing good, and use those keywords for creating next ad campaigns.
  • Keep testing and monitoring your ads regularly.

Build Awareness Using Social Media

Building a social media Amazon marketing strategy for your business brings many added benefits. Social media presence ensures your brand’s authenticity.

More and more brands are using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Plan out your content on a weekly or monthly basis and be consistent.

There are different types of content that you can put on these platforms. Contents like giveaways, behind the scene shots, contents, Memes, upcoming events, discounts, festival-themed. You can mix and spread out these contents so that your audience does not get bored with just one type of post you put.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook advertising is being used by many businesses as a powerful tool to grow. Using Facebook ads you can advertise your products to new audiences every day, boost your sales, and at the same time boost your amazon rankings.

Facebook ads are one of the most targeted, cost-effective, and scalable ads out there. But, with poor ad setups, you will lose your money and all the efforts. So, it is extremely important to plan and strategize your Facebook ads, and never forget to include it in your Amazon marketing strategy.

How to get started with Facebook ads for your Amazon products?

  • Optimize your product listing: If you want to make sure your ads perform well, you should optimize your product listing and keep improving it. Make sure your product listing is optimized for Amazon SEO, with target keywords. Use high-quality and multiple product images.
  • Create a landing page: Setting up a landing page for Facebook ads is not as much complicated as you think. You just need access to some software like ClickFunnels. A landing page is needed to get customer’s emails and attract them to offer your products. One important thing to consider here is to install pixels on the landing page. The pixel will collect all the information of your audiences which will be used to create retargeting ads.
  • Find your winning ad: You can test with ad creative, ad copy, target audience, and many more to find out what is working for you. After finding your winning ad you can scale them by increasing your budget.

Final Thoughts

It is not just one Amazon marketing strategy but a combination of all that is what is going to make your business profitable. Every strategy serves its own purpose.

Optimizing product listing is for Amazon SEO and providing all information to your customers. Make use of Amazon marketing services, i.e. PPC campaigns to get faster results compared to SEO optimization to rank your product better.

Social media presence builds brand trust and awareness among your audience. Facebook ads will help to get details of your potential audience and reach more and more people each time.

Combining all these factors will help to improve the conversion rates, product sales, and ranking on Amazon search results.

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