10 Tips to Boost Amazon FBA Sales in 2021

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Tips to Boost Amazon FBA Sales

Have you been noticing that the landscape for Amazon sellers is continually changing? Do you ever feel that keeping up with these trends is nearly impossible? Have you ever thought of getting a list of new updates and strategies to boost your Amazon sales?

We have scoured a list of amazing tips and tricks to help you boost your Amazon sales in 2021.

Optimize Your Title

Your product titles are one of the top ways to hook the attention of buyers. That’s why you should consider optimizing the heck out of them. Consider the formula of brand name, product title, features, and you are good to go.

Optimized titles will not only tell the shoppers about your product, but you will also be able to capitalize on high-ranking keywords.

Pile on the Feedback

An Amazon FBA seller should never hesitate to follow up with the customer to seek feedback. Most of the buyers prefer the reviews of customers who have already purchased and used the item. They will make the ultimate choice between two identical and same priced products based on customers’ reviews.

If a product has 40 reviews with a 4.8 stars overall rating, and the same product from a different seller has 15 reviews with an overall 4.2 stars rating, you will buy the item with better reviews.

Stand Out From the Competition

You need to find your competitive advantage or differentiator. Look for customers’ pain points and how other competitors bring forth their offerings to prospects. Your photos and copy should all push the buyers to make the purchase.

If you are operating an Amazon FBA business, the easiest way to stand out from our competitors is by analyzing the product reviews.

  • What are the top 3 reasons that their customers love their product?
  • What the customers love the most about these products?
  • What are the topmost reasons for which customers don’t like the products?

An Amazon FBA seller must solve these pain points and demonstrate them in your copywriting and images to win more Amazon FBA business.

Protect Yourself Against Competitors

Stock-keeping units (SKUs) are a crucial part of selling your products under Amazon FBA business. Try to avoid SKUs while setting up custom labels for your products by their cost, as these can give an idea about your price to the competitors, and they can easily devise strategies to undercut you.

Automate Product Prices Using a Re-pricer

Being an Amazon FBA seller, you should know what happens when you re-price your inventory manually. The Amazon FBA business use re-pricer to gobble up the sales. An ingenious Amazon FBA seller usually tries to sell products at super low volumes or choose a product with no rigorous competition.

Drive Traffic Through Content Marketing

You should use content or blogs to drive traffic to your products. If you sell a product that belongs to a specific niche, you should create content using a separate website to educate consumers. Amazon FBA for beginners can be daunting, and content marketing can help them make the difference. Even a simple WordPress website with different pages containing 2,000 to 4,000 words on niche-related topics can do the job for an Amazon FBA seller.

It also allows an Amazon FBA seller to introduce the products to new consumers while educating them about their uses and pros and cons.

Your website can attract a large audience to your Amazon listing, and if you are using Amazon’s affiliate links, you can also earn a commission on each sale. And if it’s your product, the advantages just double-up. You can search for a course targeting Amazon FBA for beginners for complete guidance.

Don’t Skimp on Keywords

Buyers look for products using various search queries, and staying ahead of the curve can increase your Amazon sales. You should consider ways to boost your SEO and also get to know about various tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, or whatever else you are familiar with to boost your Amazon FBA business.

Sync Your Inventory

There are some pitfalls in Amazon FBA for beginners. If you choose to sell on different platforms, then you should consider syncing your inventory to free yourself up from the hassles of managing inventory on different platforms. Besides, you will be able to keep track of available inventory, calculate Amazon FBA fees, and update the changes seamlessly. Besides, you won’t need to go through the same process for different platforms. Check out the Best Amazon FBA courses 2021.

Improve Product Photos

To grab buyer’s attention, you should add top-quality photos to your Amazon FBA business profile. You shouldn’t have to be a professional photographer or devote hours to capture your products’ perfect photos. All you have to do is follow some basic guidelines to launch yourself into the business avenue.

  • Shoot with natural light as shooting closer to a window will give soft light with soft shadow.
  • Set the white balance of your camera to auto, and don’t use flash.
  • Avoid shakes; setting up the device on a tripod stand might be of great help.
  • Use a neutral or white backdrop.
  • Shoot the product from the best angles.

Follow Amazon’s Rules

One of the quickest ways to destroy your Amazon sales is breaking their rules. You won’t be able to sell your products on Amazon if your account is suspended. Moving to another platform means that you have to start from zero again. Thus, you should comply with Amazon’s terms of services and rules to give yourself the best chance to succeed. Pay Amazon FBA fees timely, be as transparent as possible and don’t try to dodge Amazon.

You can set your listings of high-quality by knowing what Amazon wants from the sellers. It will ultimately lead you to new heights of success with improved chances of landing more sales.

Final Thoughts

The tips mentioned above can be of great help to reap the benefits of this amazing marketplace. If you want to close more deals, be mindful of marketing your products in a better way. Setting and forgetting your rules that streamline Amazon’s terms of services, you will rest assured of not getting your account suspended. Research for the competition, set up marketing campaigns, use high ranking keywords, and regularly touch up product listings.


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