Why Facebook Ads? – Benefit Of Using Facebook Advertising – Part 2

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Reasons why Facebook Ads are effective

When Facebook started in the year 2004 no one would have guessed that Facebook would become an essential part of social media marketing for businesses and marketers.

  • There are 2.4 billion active monthly users on Facebook.
  • Facebook is visited by 1.62 billion users daily.
  • 74% of Facebook active users are high-income users.
  • 90 million small businesses are using Facebook.
  • An average Facebook user clicks 11 Ads per month.

These are some great statistics that can explain why Facebook Ads? But yet there are many businesses around the world who are skeptical or are unaware of the benefits of Facebook advertising. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best reasons due to which your business needs Facebook advertising.

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising is the cheapest form of advertising

One of the great benefits of Facebook is that it is the cheapest form of advertising. Here you can set the budget according to how much you want to append per day or on whole. You can start with as low as $5 per day and can reach 1,000 people. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want to spend a huge amount of money on billboards, television, or other traditional ads or go with Facebook ads where you have full control.

Facebook advertising is fast

Not only Facebook advertising is fast but it gives fast and immediate results. You can set your ads and start reaching thousands of people. Facebook advertising is best when you want to drive fast results with less budget in hand.  

It increases brand awareness

Social media marketing is best to make people aware of your brand, what you offer, and what makes you unique. Facebook advertising is a great way to build brand awareness of your brand. The more your potential customers see your brand and what you have to offer, the more they have trust in your brand the more they are going to purchase from you.

The Facebook advertising platform offers Robust analytics

Facebook gives you a full report of what is working and what is not working for you. With Facebook advertising no guess or assumptions, as you will get robust analytics. Facebook provides metrics that help you to determine reach, engagement, conversion rates, and many more.

You can target your exact audience

If we have to tell you one important reason behind Facebook advertising is it’s the capability to micro-target the exact audience. You can target your potential customers based on their age, location, gender, interest, and behaviors. The best part you can even target your competitor’s audience. That means you can control who you want your ads to be seen and who is going to buy your product.

You can create ads using Facebook’s specific objective

Facebook provides 14 advertising objectives which are:

    • Brand Awareness
    • Local Awareness
    • Reach
    • Traffic
    • Engagement
      • Post Engagement
      • Page Likes
      • Even Responses
      • Offer Claims
    • Conversions
    • Product Catalogue Sales
    • Store Visits

These Facebook objectives cater to every advertising need. Facebook is good at providing customizable advertising experience to exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Whether you want brand awareness, or post engagement, website clicks, collect more leads, or something else, you can create your ads based on your goal.

You can add a custom call-to-action button

Not only you can customize your objective but Facebook provides you with a custom call-to-action button. With every objective, you have a different call to action buttons available. Some of these are Learn More, Shop Now, Book Now, Apply Now, Contact us, Download, and Sign Up.

People are almost always on social media

Regardless of the industry, your customer is actively using Facebook. On average the active Facebook users are on the platform almost 2.5 hours a day. But, the thing is people are on Facebook not to buy anything but to connect with their friends and family. And not only you but your competitors are also showing their ads to the audience. For your audience, you also have to actively use Facebook and be creative to make your brand unique and be seen by your potential customers.

You can easily scale your Ads

You can start with creating test ads to check what is working and what is not. When you found out what’s working for you and is converting more, you can put more money on that ad and use the audience and creative to scale the Ad. Facebook allows you to duplicate an Ad and target other segments of the same audience, use the similar Ad creative.

Facebook Ads work

Facebook Ads are used by businesses and marketers and they agree that Facebook advertising is the best social media marketing platform for ROI.

Facebook offers retargeting

Facebook is popular among businesses and marketers because it offers retargeting. You can target your audience who have visited your website, watched your video, sign up for your form, etc. Retargeting is made possible using Facebook pixel which records every activity of your customer once installed. 


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