Shopify Tutorial For Beginners: How To Set Up A Profitable Shopify Store Step by Step in 2020!

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Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

What is up guys, welcome to the Shopify beginner tutorial so this is going to be a tutorial on how to set up a fully functional Shopify store ready to make sales in under an hour if you are looking for a video on actually how to do product research, how to find the best niches right, how to find home run products to actually sell on Shopify then take a look at the video in the description.

It’s going over a lot more of the product research side, this video is going to be devoted to actually setting up your store for a complete beginner so we are going to do it completely from scratch starting right now so what we’re going to do first is go to Shopify dot-com and then we are going to enter our email address and then where we put your store name so this if you’re going to actually buy a domain from Shopify.

It’s not the biggest deal, this is going to be your my dot my Shopify store name, but just for clarity we’re just going to we’re just going to make it what we want to call our store anyway. So Steve golf samurais available looks like it is so we’re going to use golf for our example, and we’re going to get a complete set up store from scratch ready to go to sell some real golf products and I chose golf just you know for very some because there’s a lot of small items that are available for sale.

It has an incredibly passionate user base; it’s a little bit harder to find some golf products and they have you know small and cheap items that you can ship out to a passionate audience a lot of which have discretionary income as golf is a slightly more expensive habit and sport so I’m selling I sell with a different system right you want to choose I sell with a different system just because I mean it’s not a huge deal here but you want them to kind of take you seriously.

I usually say because I actually am selling on Amazon for a million plus per year I just put this I generally recommend people to do the same just because you know I don’t know if it’s just me or if Shopify prioritizes people who are already doing more money because they think that they have more chance of you know getting paid by these people for longer with the customer service, so I generally recommend you know people to put these options here and so we’re going to go to next so I’m going to fill this out quickly right now.

I’m in Sydney Australia which is why it’s pre-populating this, and so I fill this out really quick just so you guys don’t have to sit here and watch me do it, but obviously, you’d want to make this

kind of your real billing address it just makes things easier along the way, so we’re going to go to create my store and after it stops loading it’s going to you know start up our store creation, and so we see golf Samurai here we see welcome to Shopify Kevin here’s some tips to get you started and we are going to walk through kind of what’s important in these menus and how to actually kind of bill about setting things up.

So the first thing that we want to do is jump into online store, and so when we jump into online store it’s going to give us the debut theme and so the theme is kind of how the general look and feel of your Shopify website it’s very important to have kind of a nice theme and the one that I recommend personally is actually one of the free ones so if we come down in here and to explore free themes, and we’re in the online store theme section we go to Brooklyn so, Brooklyn is one of my favorites and it’s very beautiful I prefer the classic model it has a mobile-optimized dynamic display meaning that it actually will dynamically resize pictures for different browser sizes and it’s lightning fast on mobile and as sixty percent of traffic nowadays comes from your mobile phone it’s obviously incredibly important to have a mobile optimized website especially one that loads quickly on a mobile phone you know on 4G or LTE or 3G even if we’re talking about particular places in the world.

So we’re going to go to add Brooklyn here, and now Shopify is going to do a ton of the work for us it’s going to add the Brooklyn theme to our actual store and once it actually finishes adding the Brooklyn theme to our store but now we actually have to apply it to our default theme so now we see Brooklyn here we’re going to go to actions and we’re going to go to publish are you sure you want to publish book unless you’re live Deane this will replace your current theme debut, yes so we’re going to click publish here and now we have the Brookland theme set up on our store.

Let’s take a quick look at it just to kind of see what it looks like familiar, familiarize yourself with it just to kind of you know get a general feel and so you’re not you know overwhelmed when it comes to actually applying changes to it and things like that so right now it gives us kind of a default logo here this would be replaced by your logo this is our hero banner I’m sorry hero banner is kind of the images normally there’s a couple there’s like a slideshow between two and so we’re going to grab a couple of images right now and we’re going to actually add them .

Where I like to grab images is from a website called unsplash so we’re going to go golf here and we see a hundred and ten free golf pictures you want to make sure that you use things that are they don’t have copyrights and so unsplash is kind of a the best way that I’ve found to get really beautiful imagery without having to worry about you know particular copyrights and things like that so we’re just going to grab two of these quickly and I’m just going to download these, I’m just going to download free here, we’re going to download both of these and once we have these.

It’s very easy to actually go in and set this up but before we actually add these images to our theme there’s two things that I like to do so one thing that’s incredibly important guys for you to understand is that if a website takes longer than a few seconds to load people are going to abandon it and the reason that people’s websites load slowly is because they don’t optimize the actual size of the images that they use in their website, and that is what takes the longest to load, and so we’re going to grab these two images that we just downloaded from unsplash we’re going to come through tiny PNG com.

So we’re going to upload these and what tiny PNG does is it actually takes you know larger PNG s or JPEGs I believe yet and compresses them into you know that it optimizes the size of the image for quality and file size, and so this is going to make your website load so much faster which gives you such a higher percentage to actually complete the sale and so once it actually finishes compressing here we’re going to download these images and then we’re going to do one final thing by renaming them something related to our golf niche just for you know a slight a kind of improvement for our SEO or our search engine optimization so now that they’re finished we see that it went from four point eight megabytes to one point four megabytes or a 71 percent reduction in the actual file size.

So every image I use guys I do this, and it makes your light your website load so much faster which really makes a huge difference, and so now I have these two five that are the smaller ones so I’m just for you know organizational sake I’m going to throw away the old ones, and I’m going to name this golf samurai header image, and then I’m going to take this same name, and I’m going to name this one golf samurai header image 1. So now that I have these two this all this does guys is it helps with your Google search rank and it’s not a huge deal because most of the traffic that we’re going to be driving is paid traffic anyways and SEO is kind of a long, drawn-out process that I’ve never seen a huge you know increase in my sales from it’s always been really focused on Instagram influencers and you know partnering with YouTubers and a lot of Facebook ads and Instagram ads and things like that but that is for another video.

We are just setting up our store right now and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to come in back into our Brooklyn theme where we were before and if we go to slideshow here we see that this first slide is actually this was this slide right here and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to select an image, and we’re going to upload it, and we’re going to use the golf samurai header first one that we did and voila so we’re going to go to select here, and that is it, so we added that first image then again if we wanted to add the second image we just come into slideshow and do the exact same thing here with adding the second image here, and that is how you add your home image to your Shopify store.

The next thing that we would want to do is we come into the slideshow here for a main picture, and we want to change this something else so we’d want to say you know the place for gulfs finest or something like that and then we want the hero banner to say something like you know the world’s best golf products and so if you want to change the button text you know you can say save now you want it to be SHOP NOW.

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners: How To Set Up A Profitable Shopify Store Step by Step in 2020! 1

I think people are used to seeing SHOP NOW so I’ll just leave it as shop now and that is how you update this if you want this to be you know just one line. If you think it looks better you can just say the best golf products or the best golfers, and so it’s only one line it’s really up to you guys what you want to do as far as how you want your store to look I’m just trying to teach you how to do it in like a very a condensed way to really get something set up and have a real live. Fully functional ecommerce business in under an hour and so as we can see here in the theme it kind of goes from top to bottom so this is our sidebar menu it’s kind of like the first thing and then the header right which is what we see here, our header up here and then what we see next is our slideshow and then you know the next section down right here is the rich text.

It’s all kind of in sequential order here when you click each thing it comes up, so it’s incredibly easy guys this is where we have our collection so this is where our product collections would be maybe this would be like men’s golf polos, and this would be female or golf polos and this could be you know maybe golf accessories or you know putters or something like that and then it has a featured collection if you want to you know more prominently kind of show off specific things and then maybe you know if you wanted this featured collection appearing before the collection list all you do guys is you literally drag it above, and it changes dynamically the themes.

If you’ve ever made your own e-commerce site not on Shopify it’s incredibly easy what they’ve actually kind of allowed people to be able to do in an incredibly short amount of time and so that is the theme guys, and we go so much more in depth obviously you know in the course we have a free course we have other Shopify videos obviously on our channel, but I just wanted to kind of

give a main intro into how to kind of manipulate the theme and we’re going to come in here one more time when we actually do go to add our products but before we do that I do want to add a logo and so this is kind of the default logo that they give us and if you guys don’t have a logo you know just go over to go to the logo design.

What I like to do here is just go to best-selling and then I’ll just choose one you know that is a reasonable price and has a lot of reviews so this guy’s ten dollars he has a thousand plus 4.9 out of five stars, so obviously he’s doing a good job you know whichever one that I like the best

I generally pay between five and thirty dollars for a very well designed logo. And I generally ask for it in both black and white just because you never really know what you’re going to finalize as far as your you know the background of your products here, And so what we’re going to do then is we’re going to actually add our logo so I had one made at prior to this video just so we get out something here maybe it’s not the best logo in the world but you know I like it and that’s what counts.

So we’re going to save that so now we have our logo we have our main header image in our slideshow. We have our hero text set up we have our button set up and so things are starting to kind of come together so the next thing that I want to talk about is your menus and so if you guys are getting confused or you know you want some motivation or kind of some ideas of what you actually want to create your menu structures as I suggest using people’s sites who are proven to be incredibly popular so color pop is one of the most popular Shopify stores. And if you haven’t I teach you exactly how to find the biggest and most popular highest trafficked stores in the world in my product research Shopify video.

So if you’re interested make sure you watch that after we watch this video of course and it will teach you exactly how to do that but color-pop is one of the most kind of popular sites anywhere, and so we are going to actually model our you know announcement bar and things like that after what they’ve done. So this is called the announcement bar, and we’re just literally going to do exactly what they’re doing right now. We’re just going to do free global shipping over $50 for everything, and I’m going to teach you exactly how to set that up, don’t worry.

I like these being capitals just as a personal thing and so here we go free global shipping over 50 and so we’re going to go ahead and save that and now, what we’re going to do is we want to we want to edit these and so what do we have here so if we look here we see shop and new arrivals best seller so we’re going to keep it simple and we’re just going to do shop and best sellers for our menu structure and how we do that is in the settings menu and we’re in the header again right with the announcement bar and the menus right here and so what we’re going to do is we are going to press edit menu and so when we edit the menu, here we see what we saw before was the home and catalog and just to show you guys again we see the home and catalog and so what we’re going to change this to is shop and we’re going to call this one best sellers.

We can talk about how to actually make these main menus link to what you want like for example if you had a collection that you want it to be your bestsellers we would just all we do is we come in here, and we’d go to collections, and we haven’t made the collection yet but we could make a collection called bestsellers and then we could add products to it, so we’re going to do that later on don’t worry I’m going to show you every single step from a very introductory perspective of how to do this and so we changed it to shop and bestsellers here we’re going to press save menu and now when we actually preview our store we see that it’s changed to shop and bestseller.

So now this is starting to look pretty good and I think you guys are probably excited if you’re following along because you know it’s really exciting kind of seeing these things come to life in such a short time without requiring any type of coding knowledge or anything like that and being able to set up a fully functioning you know ecommerce store in such a short amount of time is really a truly exciting thing.

I hope you guys are getting excited yourselves; I get excited when I do this and so let’s take a final look at the theme settings here so if we come back, and we go to sections, so we talked about how they’re organized sequentially here in sections the header we talked about the rich text the feature collections but one last thing I wanted to talk about is the overall general setting, so obviously we can manipulate anything we want here very easily so if we wanted to change the headings, if we wanted to change the body text, maybe we wanted to change the button label to red, or if we wanted to change  anything that we want here we can we can basically change, and if we save it, it’s going to dynamically update which is super easy and super simple, and it just works great.

If you want to change the text maybe we don’t like the text that we’re using and we want you know our headings to be a different text we could go ahead and do that and we see them change. If you want to make it bigger smaller under 9 thickness they really give you just a ridiculous amount of kind of customization all extremely easily the current page here this is something that I always recommend people to actually change the reason for that is drawer cart pages don’t load on all browsers. If you want to you know make sure that your cart is going to load and look correct on all different types of phone sizes all different types of computers, all different types of operating systems, things like that.

What we’re going to do is, we’re going to change drawer to page and this way our cart actually loads as its own page and you can actually do some fun stuff when we talk about some advanced Facebook marketing when we’re only targeting people who visited certain pages but excluding people who have not visited certain pages so for example maybe we wanted to target people who got to our cart page but never actually saw our thank-you page meaning that they almost bought but then they didn’t quite do it, and so we could create a retargeting campaign of all of the people who almost purchased from us but didn’t just reminding them, hey you know this is where golf samurai we sell a bunch of fun stuff, come back and actually buy it you were super close.

So we’re not going to talk about the advanced marketing stuff, obviously we go super in-depth on that in the Shopify ninja master class, but we are going to go ahead and save this right here, and then we’re going to go back really quick, and this is the social media page and so what this does for example, maybe you set up a golf samurai at Facebook page it’s super easy to set up a Facebook page if you haven’t you can use Google Search Facebook has how to set up a Facebook page if you don’t know, or I’m just go to slash pages.

I mean, so when we actually add this in here we do see it actually pop up here maybe we’re going to add our Twitter page that doesn’t actually exist yet but slash golf samurai and then when we add that we’re going to see it populate right here super super easy guys, so we’re going to save that obviously you know I just copy and pasted this one because it’s right here this is not my Facebook page this would have to say golf samurai, after I made it and so we do all that for all the ones that we want to added.

I generally recommend for Shopify to have at least a Facebook page and an Instagram, Instagram is such an amazing tool for selling specific types of products like fashion and you know makeup and cosmetics and things like that right it’s really important to know the demographic of the actual social media sites that you are using to drive traffic and Instagram obviously is great for that specific thing, so we’re going to save and we’re going to go back the favicon, is this little thing right here so this is the Shopify favicon obviously again. If you want to have your own little you know golf ninja the favicon you could have one created, and fiber is a great way to do that you can just go to that icon and there’s going to be a ton of people who actually create favicons for you.

I always do sort by the best-selling; it just saves a lot of time and energy having to find people that you know are as high-quality as some others so this guy will actually make your brand identity logo and favicon for five dollars, so you know six hundred sixty-five five star reviews for five dollars for both of those is pretty insane okay so we’re going back here that’s the favicon on the checkout page. I leave this the same you don’t want to you know add too much customization people are kind of used to Shopify checkout page, so I generally leave this actually alone, and it does tend to convert better so that guys is basically the entire theme until we come back to actually add in some product images and really get our site you know 100 percent ready to have some sales being generated.

So just for the sake of simplicity guys we’re actually going to take out all of our different sections except for our featured collection just for the sake of this you know if you wanted to add your collection list it’s kind of the same process but we’re going to simplify things just so we make sure that nobody’s getting overwhelmed right because the most important part about entrepreneurship and Shopify and Amazon FBA and all different types of e-commerce and you know making money on the internet is just taking action and getting started.

So we’re going to try to remove as many of the barriers to entry as we possibly can and really make this as simple as possible to get started and so we’re going to actually erase all of this, so the subscribe to newsletter section you know, it is very important, but I’m going to show you a much better way to actually increase the percentage chance that people are going to subscribe to your newsletter in a much stronger way for actually a very cheap cost, so we’re going to delete this news letter section here.

I’m going to show you guys one of my one of my little secrets that I’ve used to really explode the percentage of emails that I actually get for my email signups which is one of the most important parts of creating a Shopify store of creating a brand that actually has longevity is building a customer email list building a group of actual you know really devoted customers who love your customer service who love the products that you’re selling and things like that so we’re going to talk about how to actually make that pop-up and how to get crazy conversions for that specific pop-up as well and so we’re going to save this, and so now we have a very simple store, but you know a simple store is not a bad thing at all.

Guys, it really is actually quite good because people you don’t want to get overwhelmed right you just think about if you’re going to the grocery store and you see you know a thousand different choices of cereal it’s much harder than if they had you know two or three and so you know you want to make it very simple for your customer to make a purchase and that is the kind of general theme that we’re going to use right now, so that is the theme guys and that you know in a very short time we talked about exactly how to do that for a beginner we changed our menu structure, we added you know free global shipping over $50 which we’ll talk about in a moment and you know we took that from color-pop because they are one of I actually believe they are the most trafficked Shopify site in the world and so you know you always want to use what these people who have proven successful.

If I were going to do it, I would probably copy you know as closely as I could to a lot of things are doing 20% off you know new arrivals bestsellers, and we’re going to talk about how to make discount codes. I don’t worry and so let’s jump back into the theme here and so we’re going to go back actually into the menu and now we are going to talk about the actual settings of your store and so what we’re going to do is we’re coming down to settings here, and we’re going to walk through one of these or we’re going to walk through each of these one at a time so this is our store name, and this is you know our store address so you’d want to put if you had an LLC here if you don’t you can just put your name, for now, don’t worry about it. I always recommend that people don’t get bogged down by this type of stuff until they actually start to see some success right because don’t worry about all the little tiny logistics of all of the you know different legal business names and taxes and stuff until you actually have a viable business so focus on the important stuff for now and then we’ll move on to that when we actually get there.

So standard in formats, this one’s kind of important right you want to make sure that you use whichever your you’re accustomed to whether it’s kilograms or you know if you’re actually in you know the USA or something like that use the one that you feel comfortable with because when we set up shipping plans we actually are going to have to talk about you know by weight and so that is all for the general it’s not too exciting we’re going to go to payments here so payments is one that’s obviously quite important if you are in the United States or you’re in Puerto Rico Canada UK Ireland Australia New Zealand and Singapore or it is not available to US territories except for Puerto Rico.

So if you are in one of these locations then Shopify payments is by far the best way to kind of do things but if you’re outside of the of those you know specific regions you can set up PayPal they also have alternative payments which we go into you know super detail obviously in the Shopify

ninja master class but we’re going to you know make the assumption that you are in one of those countries just for the sake of time for this tutorial and so all we have to do here is just go to complete account setup, and they’re going to ask you stuff about your business and stuff like that.

If you’re an individual you know you could put your name and things like that and so you just have to fill this out complete the account set up obviously you want to make sure your banking information is correct and it’s very important to have your statement descriptor be your store name so you don’t want people to make a purchase on your store forget they made it and then they’re checking their credit card statement and they see something you know that they don’t recognize and then they dispute it because the number one thing that you don’t want to have happen, guys, is get disputes on credit cards from your customers because Shopify payments will shut you down and it’s a really annoying situation to deal with that, and so that is how we do our payments here.

So let’s move on to the next section and this is our checkout so this is an incredibly important part actually I feel very strongly about this that account should be disabled nobody wants to make an account on a Shopify store unless it’s like a huge store like colour-pop or something like that potentially where you have like rewards and you know teams of people kind of looking after people so what I always very strongly recommend here is to do accounts are disabled which means that customers will only be able to check out as guess it’s just at it just removes one step of friction for the buying process and it’s going to increase your conversions. I promise you guys so they can check out using either their phone number or email.

I prefer to have customers can only check out using email just because you deal with three codes and things like that when you are shipping to kind of the big four countries on Shopify obviously or not obviously but which are that you know the UK the United States Australia and Canada and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to require first and last name so this is very important because how I prefer to do Shopify and have what I’ve you know made the most money by far doing is actually using the drop shipping method and it just makes things a lot easier when you are actually fulfilling orders on all the Express which we will talk about very briefly which is kind of the website that we do order all of the products from that we do ship to our customers they handle all of the shipping for us, and it’s a really a beautiful process but we want to make sure that we choose require first and last name here company name you can have hidden address you can have optional shipping address phone number you can hide use the shipping address as the billing address by default, yeah this is fun, enable address autocomplete

This is a very important one guys ask for permission to send promotional emails to customers from your store we want to change this to by default customer agrees to receive promotional emails this means that if somebody purchases from you you can actually send them emails you know have them add it to your email list and you know really just be able to to email them which is super important you know you occasionally might have somebody who thinks it’s spammy or you know unsubscribes but that’s completely okay because a lot of people actually will you know enjoy the discounts and you know promos and things that you’re running to actually generate more business later on.

So we’re not going to automatically fulfill we’ll leave this as the default after an order has been fulfilled and paid automatically archive the order that’s fine checkout pages English obviously refund policy what we can do here which is fun is we can go to generate sample refund policy we do want to make sure that we have all these Google and you know all the indexing and search console and you know if you’re running any paid ads from Facebook and Google all their Terms of Service require you to have a refund policy a privacy policy and a Terms of Service so we’re going to generate a sample refund policy here and what we do want to make sure we do, if later on, we change this you know may be to support at golf samurai.

It just looks much professional when you’re doing customer service and things like that and you know it’s kind of a complicated process setting up a support at domain email which we talked about in obviously the ninja master class but for right now I just wanted to point that out as something that you do want to change later on, so we’re going to generate our sample privacy policy again we do we’d have to do the same thing here where we go and find our actual email address in this one and change it and we’re going to generate our sample Terms of Service again we’d have to change the email if we did want that more professional support at so we’re going to save this, so settings are saves.

Let’s hop back to the next setting we’re going to do shipping laughs just because it’s kind of the most complicated, and I just want to super quickly go over these so taxes I would suggest kind of leaving as the default here depending on where you are Shopify will kind of populate what it thinks is best again don’t get bogged down here guys you know get a profitable store going get things working before you worry about all the little stuff not that taxes or little stuff right but it’s just one it’s just one more reason so it kind of gets stuck up and you don’t want to let yourself get get stuck you want to keep moving forward, and you want to actually get this working, so we’re going to notifications here and in the notification, so these are kind of the customer notifications that Shopify sell all right excuse me Shopify sends automatically.

So if we want we can come in and edit these again we can come in and edit these become a little bit more complicated when you actually do integrate the automated service called overload which we’re going to briefly talk about, and it becomes a little bit complicated if you’re using apps like you know receive full and things like that to kind of automatically generate promo codes as a receipt which is a great way to drive a ton more traffic. If you guys are interested in me making a video of all the best apps that I’ve used to you know just literally completely change my Shopify business. I’d be happy to do that so if you guys want to hear you know about all of the apps a lot of them are not even very well known outside that I’ve found and tested myself I can go over exactly you know which apps I use and exactly how I use them.

If you guys are interested in that just, leave a comment below letting me know that you do want to see the video on you know which Shopify apps are really going to change your business and I’d be happy to make that for you guys so these customer notifications for right now since we’re not going to talk about apps particularly often we’re just going to ignore this but these do become very important when we do talk about you know abandon check out protector plus and you know receipt full and things like that I think it’s called conversion right now.

So we’re going to go back to settings files sales channels and accounts if you want to you know manage your accounts and permissions if you want to view your billing stuff the sales channels if you want to link your Shopify store to Amazon you can but I you know in all my personal businesses I like to keep Amazon separate, and I like to keep Shopify separate and just do the drop shipping model with Shopify and do Amazon FBA with Amazon so I don’t use mcf or multi-channel fulfillment here with Shopify anymore just because you know I just prefer to keep them separate.

I’ve never found significant success fulfilling with Amazon on a Shopify store they’re just mutually more successful if you keep them separate so let’s talk about shipping. Shipping is where most people get kind of messed up it’s probably the most complicated just setting in the settings for Shopify but we’re going to make it extremely simple so the shipping from address actually does not matter in the model that I like to teach which is drop shipping which means that you’re you know the company creating your goods whether it’s like a golf club or maybe it’s a golf polo actually ships it directly from where they’re creating it in China to your customers so this means how this works guys is when you have a sale let’s say you’re selling a polo for 1995.

So if you sell it for 1995 then you know we’re going to go to all the Express we’re going to find some men’s polo and we are going to actually purchase it for you know 11:38 apiece and maybe we’d sell it for forty nine ninety five since the poles would be slightly more expensive so the beauty of drop shipping is we only purchase inventory after we have a higher sale and so I think a lot of you guys probably you know I’ve heard of drop shipping and you realize how exciting the business model is because it takes no money to get started you have no inventory costs no overhead no type of the front loaded you know capital requirements that most if not pretty much all businesses have, and so we’d make the sale for forty nine ninety five, and only then we’d purchase from our supplier for $11.83, and we’d make the difference between those prices half you know the e packet shipping fees, and we talked in detail about all of these guys.

So if you’ve never heard about any of this you know I’d be happy to make a video about how to find you know manufacturers what to look for on some of the kind of secret ways that I used to find the best manufacturers get the best prices and get the fastest shipping but this video is just about how to set up your actual store and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually delete all of this so depending on where you are we’re going to go into zones and rates, and we are going to just delete this zone, and so we’re going to delete this, and we’re going to actually set it up from scratch, so we’re going to go to add a shipping zone.

Don’t worry about this because our supplier is going to be stripping shaped straight to our customer and what we’re going to do here guys is we’re just going to add the big four and I know that we said free global shipping in our announcement bar and if you prefer to change it to say you know free global shipping to most countries then feel free to do that but 99.9% of your sales are going to come from the USA Canada UK and Australia and so what we’re going to do here is we’re going to go to United or we’re going to say big for free shipping free shipping over 50 and we’re going to do is we’re going to add countries, we’re going to go to the United States, we’re going to add Australia we’re going to add the United Kingdom and we’re going to Canada so now that we have our big four here what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a price base rate.

So we said that if somebody has a cart value of $50 meaning that they bought you know five ten dollar products from you, or they bought two twenty five dollar products from you or they bought one 50 dollar product from you as long as their cart the total amount of their purchase is larger than $50 we’re going to give them free shipping, so we’re going to call this free global shipping and again if you prefer to put free shipping to United States Australia Canada and United Kingdom feel free, so we’re going to go to done here.

So this means that the if as long as their minimum order price is $50 or more we’re going to give them free shipping and we’re going to go to done and so once we do this right we’re going to

focus all of our advertising on these four countries and we’re going to focus all of our efforts on these four countries and we are going to actually save this now and so what we can do if you guys want to kind of create like a catch-all situation you create a another shipping plan just for the rest of the world and charge and you know charge some ridiculous amount for shipping meaning that if somebody tried to purchase from you from you know like Kazakhstan or something like that then they’d probably end up not actually purchasing from you just because the shipping was so expensive.

That’s something that I’ve done in the past but you know guys for ninety nine point nine percent of cases these are going to be the countries that actually purchased from you and so that is what we’re going to worry about all of the other little stuff I do cover obviously in depth in this proper ninja master class and I’d be happy to make a video on it on YouTube for those of you who are interested when I have time once we’re going to come back into shipping and now we are set up guys and so this means that if they actually have over fifty dollars to the big countries they are going to pay zero and shipping and then the last thing that we need to do is we need to add an actual case if they have less than $50 and so what we’re going to do is we were going to add a rate we’re going to minimum order price is zero, and maximum order price is 49.95 and so what we’re going to call this one is standard shipping and so what we’re going to do here.

This is actually a little trick that I actually like to use in my own Shopify stores is you really want to incentivize people to purchase larger cart values people hate paying shipping Amazon has made people absolutely despise shipping and so any type of shipping cost people are going to not at all want to pay and they’ll avoid that by purchasing a minimum of $50 from your store and if you have larger cart sizes you have higher profits and everything is just a lot more delicious and fun and that’s what we want right.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to actually charge 1095 for shipping I know that seems high guys but you want to you want to make it so people think oh well you know if I buy $40 worth of stuff then, I’m already enough to pay 50 you know 11 dollars worth of shipping and so I might as well just fifty dollars worth of stuff and you know save that 1095 immediately and so we choose 1095 here because it’s above ten right if you use 995 people might potentially pay it but you know most people are not going to pay 1095 and so depending on what your shipping model is this is this is what we like to use for our you know over fifty dollars in card value free shipping model if you prefer to have like a free plus shipping meaning the cost of the product is zero and the only pay for shipping and handling.

That is another very pop popular way to get people to actually click on your ads come to your store really to get your pixel some data and things like that I’d be happy to you know talk about free plus shipping it’s a model that we’ve you know made a ton of money using as well it’s a very viable model free plus shipping is one of the best ways to kind of initially get people to come to your store which is the hardest part guys getting that first sale is the hardest part of this whole process once you get that first sale and build some confidence everything starts to get so much easier and so we’re going to add that, and now we have zero to forty-nine ninety-nine, and we have fifty and up so we have all the you know main use cases kind of applied here, and we are going to just focus on these big four and these two shipping for now.

Obviously, there are a little bit more advanced shipping models that we do discuss in detail in the

Shopify and ninja master class and so that is shipping for everyone so those are kind of the major things that you want to talk about from a shipping perspective which is one of the biggest causes of confusion for people when they actually are setting up their store all right so that is kind of all the logistical stuff right the boring stuff that you kind of just want to get right so you don’t make any mistakes now let’s talk about adding products some of the fun stuff and so what we’re going to do here and this is not a product research video.

I do have one on my YouTube channel if you guys are interested in checking it out is we’re going to come over to Ollie express you know best selling is fun to go through the board again not going to talk about product research I even though I love product research I’m going to force myself not to talk about it so what we’re going to do is we’re going to come in and we’re going to type golf I like to organize by orders just so you can see what people are actually buying it’s just a fun little way to kind of take a lot of the guesswork out of you know choosing products that are going to sell and obviously there’s a lot more to it but we are going to just add a few of these, and so the best and easy way to actually go about adding these guys is a is a Chrome extension called over low so if we come in here, and we all I did was Google search over low Chrome extension we’re going to go to add to Chrome here.

I removed it just so I can you know actually add it from scratch for you guys and so then what we need to do is we need to come into our store here and go to apps and we’re going to visit the Shopify app store we’re going to go to over lo click on it and press get they make it pretty easy here we’re going to install the app, and now we see our app dot overload comm dashboard which is pretty cool find and add your first product and so we’re not going to actually find products via over lo what we are going to do is actually use all the Express so over lo created their own store are their own kind of product research method but it’s not what I prefer, and so now we see the overload is actually connected, and now we see when we actually reload this page as we see this little icon right here and so what this does guys so let’s say that we want to add the grooving tool golf clubs sharpener to our store we press this button, and it says product imported successfully.

Let’s say that we want to add maybe this one and let’s say that we want to add this one right here so now we have those three products we’re going to go to open import list and now we see those three products that we chose or maybe I didn’t actually click the button for the second one so oh three ok cool one two three so these are all here now, and we’re going to go to push all products to shop we’re going to guess your import list is empty and now what we do is we go into our Shopify store here, and we go to products and over lo has made this so easy for us guys it’s unbelievable we can see the inventory that the supplier has right and if they have a ton of inventory normally it means that it’s selling really well it automatically imported all of the images all of the text everything directly from AliExpress obviously we’d want to make this more kind of attuned to the human eye and so we’d call this you know golf club we’d call it you know premium golf club through bang sharpener perfect gift for dads or something like that maybe if it was you know around Father’s Day or something like that.

We’re not going to talk too much about how to write copy, obviously there’s a bunch of really advanced fun ways to kind of look at who’s doing it the best who has the best golf or whatever your niche is stores out there who are you know killing it and making a ton of money and then just really kind of using what they’ve what they’re doing and adding your own little creative twist

and adding your own kind of feel to it and your own experience and your own voice right and so we’re not going to talk about actually writing copy in this specific tutorial.

I just want to actually be able to get it up live, so these are all the different colors that they have available which is good because it allows the customer to maybe they want a purple one, or maybe they want a white one and it’s so easy you guys it’s just unbelievable having to add all of these different variations yourself would take hours or longer and the overload app imports it all completely for free all the different variants all of the different sk use you don’t have to hold any inventory yourself you don’t have to help hold any type of sk user doing any of the fulfillment or any of it.

It just makes it so easy so I think a lot of you guys are probably getting excited I’m watching this specific tutorial I know I did when I first discovered drop shipping and so why is the price here listed at 562 and so that is probably a good question and let’s go over exactly why that is so we’re back in the overload dashboard and if we go into settings here what we’ll see is I believe they call it global pricing structure or something like that so what overload does by default is when you actually download it will apply a what’s called a global pricing structure to your products imports and what this means if this actually ever decides to load is it will by default apply these rules to every product that you actually import so this means that since this cost two dollars and eighty one cents what we actually pay ourselves not what the customer pays so we paid two dogs in 81 cents plus shipping, and we can talk about how to find that.

We package shipping rates oh it says it right here 207 so 281 plus 207 I’m 40 packets shipping and so what this Oh what overload by default does is it multiplies the product cost by two, and this is too low this means like you know if you’re paying two dollars on all the Express then your pricing structure would automatically be four dollars since this product is two dollars in 81 cents obviously two dogs in 81 cents multiplied by two is 561 and so we’d want to come in here and actually you know change and edit all of these you know SKU pricing structures ourselves just to make sure that they were exactly what we wanted you know the compare at price is always really important, so we maybe put 1997 as our sale price and our compare at price maybe we put you know 3995.

I’m sad to Siri, and so this is actually going to show the crossed out price here and our sale price and then we are going to save and so we want to actually do these manual once you kind of get better at things you can you know add pricing structure differentials like if you wanted it to be multiplied by five but generally a two times multiplier is a little bit too low when you actually take into account the cost for a package shipping and a pack of shipping basically means that it shifts out in I believe twelve to twenty days it’s the fastest form of drop shipping available and I always recommend a packet shipping because it’s going to save you a bunch of time and money and effort actually communicating where products are to your customers and things like that.

So you always wanted to have a packet available which we do see for all of these which is another reason that the Gulf niche is so interesting and so that is how you actually add a product so now if we want to actually put these products into our collection what we’re going to do is we’re going to come back to online store and we’re going to go into customize and we’re going to go into our main section here which is the featured collection and we do see our product import automatically into the future collection here and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to into the featured collection, and we’re going to actually go to none, and we’re going to go to you add collection and we’re going to call this one featured collection one and so at creating collections is quite easy.

You can apply you know different tags to like if you let’s say you have a men’s polo line in every new men’s polo you just quickly add the men’s polo tag to it when you’re importing the product and it’ll automatically come into these collections it’s a little bit complicated at first but I promise you guys it’s not that particularly complicated I’m not going to go into it super in-depth here we’re just going to call this you know the best golf accessories for the modern golfer and we are going to manually select the products here and we’re going to go to save collection and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually just grab one two three of the products that we actually put in I’m sort by best-selling and you know if we want to add a collection image here we can if we want to actually edit the websites SEO we can and so now this one has been created successfully.

If we go to if we reload this page we’re going to reload it since we didn’t really do anything that interesting anyway we’re going to reload this page and we’re going to go to featured collection and we’re going to add the collection we just made which is featured collection one and voila now we have our feature collection here and then one of the things that I don’t like is this grey box and so since we have a white background here and what we’re going to do is we are going to actually come in here excuse me, and we’re going to go to general settings, and we are going to go to colors, and we’re going to go to product background, and we’re going to change it to white and so now it looks much better obviously we’d have to change you know the titles here to be more SEO friendly.

Guys we just created a fully functional store where people can actually literally come in here and purchase these products they can add to cart’ all the current functionality has figured out all that all of the payment information once you set up Shopify payments is figured out right everything is figured out once you set the pricing once you kind of set it up just exactly how I showed you in the products section and so now we have a fully functional store and all we have to do is just go to remove password but so the one last thing that I did want to talk I did say that I was going to set up the newsletter we’re not going to talk about all the different apps I use right now because this is just a tutorial on how to get started.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to add one more app and this app is actually called us in let’s sail so spin a sail is a very fun little app that basically it pops up an actual wheel that prompts people to enter their email address for a coupon and so once we install this app here we can use the basic pro or premium just to demonstrate it right now I’m just going to choose this middle one and so we are going to grab this here now I’m going to fill out my payment information really quick and move onto the next screen alright guys so now we are in the spin a sail dashboard here I mean what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to show on website and I just want to preview it just really quickly just to show you guys kind of what it looks like so this would be what we would see as a user of our site and says it says win a special prize enter your email below to spin the wheel for a chance to win and so what this would do is once we set it up we can say like 30% on checkout 20% on checkout 10% out on checkout.

People love gambling people love let the lottery people love winning things and if they win a 30 percent off coupon or it feels like they do you get their email and you get a much higher percentage that they’re actually going to purchase from you because they feel like they won something and so that is a beautifully easy way to actually get people to give you their email and also increase the likelihood that they’re going to check out on your store I’m so we’re going to show on website here and then where we actually create our title text and I’m not going to go into all of this right now because I do have some really detailed tutorials on exactly how to set these up as well but pretty much what we do is we just come in we’d add like you know 30 percent off coupon like today only, and then you generated a coupon code in the Shopify app, and you do that just right here in discount codes.

So if you wanted to create like a discount right here you literally just say you know 30% off percentage off applies to the entire order effective date right now and then we just go to generate code we’ve grabbed this discount code coming to spend a sale set up and we just literally put this discount code here and we want the probability to be you know lower as the percentage goes up obviously so we talked about that really in-depth I mean the shop defined ninja master class but we’re not going to go into that super in detail right now because I just want to keep this very targeted for you guys so integration obviously we’d want to integrate with Shopify and MailChimp so MailChimp is what’s known as a Autoresponder and it’s incredibly important guys you it gives you a completely free service up to two thousand subscribers you can set up autoresponder campaigns.

If people actually abandon their cart but they’re about to purchase but you know something happened maybe they got a phone call maybe you know their dog peed on the carpet or you know whatever it is and then they stopped they almost bought but they didn’t and so it’s so important to have abandoned cart sequences and so we could talk about that and you know this really interesting abandoned cart sequence that I actually did set up that was giving me a ridiculous conversion rate which I’d be you know happy to talk about in a video or in the Shopify Facebook group that we do have.

We do want to integrate with MailChimp we can integrate with Shopify as well, and we’re going to save here we would have to set up our integration and the instructions are right here on how to do that and so now we can we are totally set up if we go to settings here you can just confirm that we want it to show on website and then we’d go to save and so that is it guys now our changes have been saved I’m all we’d have to do is integrate MailChimp and set up the MailChimp app and then literally we would have a fully functional beautifully set up a website free global shipping all of our shipping plans are set up all of our products are imported with pictures HD pictures all of the you know titles and prices we’d have to change but I show you exactly how to do that we added our social media we added our announcement bar all we would have to do the final step is going to be setting up these menus which we’re going to do right now so we’re going to come back into our main settings here we’re going to go to online store so we do we would want to save our discount code that we did setup and so we’re going to go to online store and that discount code was just I was just showing how to create one for the spin of sale, and so we are going to go to navigation, and we’re going to go to main menu here.

So now what we’re going to do is we’re just going to link both of these shops to our actual collection we made obviously if you had a different collection that you set up for your bestsellers you know you could just go into collections and choose it there after you create that collection and so we’re just going to go to collections and we’re going to choose the one that we set up we’re going to apply the changes and we’re going to have both of these linked to the collections that we set up just because you know we don’t have to show it again in this tutorial it’s really about just getting a Shopify site live so we’re going to save the menu here and now what we see is if we go to our store if we click on shop takes us to our collection.

If we should if we click on bestsellers it takes us to our collection all the links are functional everything is officially working except for this shop now button it’s what we would do is we would come into themes, and we’d go to customize, and we would come into our slideshow slide and at the slide link we’re going to go into collections and featured collections and obviously you know you can make these different you can create as many collections as you want with a ton of different products I’m all you have to do is follow the exact same steps that we taught you on how to create a collection and how to import products into that collection they make it super easy guys to create collections all we do is go into products collections.

Create collection and we can make as many as we want and we can link any of those different buttons to anything that we want guys and if you haven’t already, just make sure you click that subscribe button and if you want to be up-to-date on all of the new that lifestyle ninja videos on how to make money online click those notification bells and I want you to do one last thing go down below and leave a comment saying I subscribe so I know that you guys are all in on making money on the internet so I hope that was helpful.

If you want a ton more information on everything Shopify make sure that you join our absolutely free ninja’s Facebook group which will be linked in the description and join our completely free Shopify and ninja mini course where we’re going to go over a ton of stuff about how to find the best products how to find the best suppliers and how to find products that are just going to absolutely work for you guys so I hope you enjoy that guys and we will see you on the next one.


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