How To Make An Online Course: Step By Step Blueprint – Part 1

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One of the wildly successful and sustainable online opportunities is by creating online courses.

Best selling online course does not require much money to start with but what is does is time and real effort.

If you are an expert at some skill and want to create an online course to spread your knowledge.

Or want to establish yourself as an expert on any subject, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Here is the step by step guide on how to make an online course for you if you are serious about providing never-ending value to your students:

The first step towards creating your digital course

The first step of any endeavor is to visualize and plan ahead.

If you have ever purchased an online course, think about each aspect right from how you find the course to signing up for it.

Think about what compelled you to sign up for it, what marketing platforms they are using, remember the copywriting they have used, etc.

The first step to creating a profitable online course is considering these questions:

What will be the topic of your course?

If you are already thinking about creating an online course, then you must have decided which topic you are going for or what skill you are expert at.

But if not consider what skill you are expertise on either by education or by practical knowledge.

In this digital world there is a demand for almost every topic but still do your own research to find out if there is enough demand for the topic.

Use Google Trends, check websites like Udemy, Coursera, to see what courses are popular.

Who is your target audience?

After you have decided and chosen your topic, it’s now time to understand your target audience demographics.

You have to be very specific in identifying your target audience, the following key will help you with that:

AGE: Find what age group is interested in your course topic. Depending on your audience’s age you have to adjust your course’s writing and teaching styles.

GENDER: The ratio of gender is different for different course topics. If your topic is related to engineering, your audience maybe 70-80% male.

LEVEL OF EDUCATION: The majority of people who go for an online course are highly educated who are looking to level up their skills or start a new journey. But that said, it might also differ according to your course topic.

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: You should know if your course is for employed, unemployed, professional, or entrepreneurs.

How are you going to write the course?

There is no one specific and defined way to create a course. You just need visualization and planning. Start by creating drafts, write down the topics, headings subheadings, modules.

How much will it cost to create an online course?

The course can cost anywhere between zero to a thousand dollars. It depends on what software you are using, the media you are getting, hiring professionals to do related jobs.

How to make an online course interactive?

The more interactive your course is the more successful it is going to be. You can have a private Facebook group to engage with your students and where your students can interact with each other.

How to create a profitable online course?

Here are the following important points that you need to consider to make your online course profitable:

  • A profitable and successful course is the one that solves a problem.
  • It gives unique and new teachings to students.
  • The course should help your target audience to achieve a goal.

Why should you create an online course?

This topic is for those who want to create an online course to spread knowledge but are still skeptical about it.

For starters, you are going to help many students achieve their goal, teach them a new skill that they will use to make their career, earn money, etc.

The shift of education to virtual learning especially after the COVID situation started.

According to research, the online industry will grow to $325 billion in 2025 from $107 billion in 2015.

So if you are able to create an engaging and the most value providing the course, you will build a sustainable and the most profitable online course.

As long as you are genuinely helping your students to solve their problem and achieve their goal, your course will be in demand and you keep finding potential students.

There is a huge potential to make money online through online courses.

But to make the course working for you you need to go deep and figure out a lot of details.

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