How ONE Simple Idea Can Totally Change Your Life

Jan 13, 2020 | Entrepreneur

In this article, I want to talk about how ONE Idea or ONE moment can change your life. One small change or small idea has the potential to snowball into much much greater over time. Here I will discuss with you some examples for you to understand it better. The moment every morning you wake up, especially when you do not have any job or you are not supposed to be somewhere. There comes a moment where you have to choose whether or not you want to wake up at 6 am or 7 am or whatever is early for you. When you first open your eyes, you might be pretty tired, have to do your basic morning stuff. After that, if you choose not to wake up, you go back to sleep. It might seem like you do not have anything to do in the morning so it’s not really important decision. But, how you make one choice is hugely indicative of how you make others. If you choose to go back to sleep today, you will choose to go back to sleep tomorrow and every other day. Choosing to go back to sleep, those extra hours, extra productivity starts to exponentially add up over time. Some people are more productive in the morning. Some others who are not, make it by practice and by prioritizing it as a habit. Another possible example is when you take, at the moment decision to talk to someone at a bar or a cafe. It might be something as simple as I like your earrings or I like your shirt or I love that headphone, I was thinking of getting them. These are some mundane conversation openers with whom you might find beautiful or attractive. This person might later become your soulmate or your spouse. This could happen all because of your decision at the moment whether or not you should start the conversation. This is the most glaringly obvious example of how a single decision can completely change your life. I have read the studies and interviews of highly successful people, and when asked about what was the most important thing looking back at the life that gave you the most meaning in sense of fulfillment and happiness. And the majority of people said the same thing, Relationships. Wherever you are at with your relationship status, whether you are single or married whether you are happy in a relationship or unhappy, you can always make a change. If you are unhappy in a relationship you can choose to find out the reason and then can work together to overcome that. But, if you both found yourself in an unsolvable situation, you can always have the option to separate. Then you can each choose to find someone new. We are social animals we need other people to survive. My point here is you can always do something and change your situation. If you are single you can start working out, you can dress better. There are some youtube videos that you can watch to learn good conversation openers to talk to people. You can practice this with people in your daily life. Your life becomes so much better just with little increased willingness to talk to people, talk to strangers. When you take full accountability your life will improve so much. The same thing applies to everywhere in life with relationships, choosing to wether or not wake up in the morning, going to the gym. Each day and Each decision should be taken extremely seriously. Because how you do one thing is how to do everything. So, if you actually want to change take each day seriously. Similarly in business, a single idea or a single decision can be life-changing. For me, it was an idea that someone somewhere has a successful online business. When I realize that, I saw enough proof of it, that was enough for me to give my all in. Until that, I don’t even know what an Entrepreneur actually is. For me, Entrepreneurs are like Steve Jobs. Well, of course, he is a big example of that. The point is people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are literally one in a billion. There are so many forms of entrepreneurship and you don’t have to come up with the next brilliant idea and get an office with thousands of employees. When I realized that, it was really enticing and exciting for me. It led me to google and try a bunch of things and some of them failed. Once I found a successful business on Amazon, things really started to change. I created a successful online Amazon business. But, when my account got suspended, I realized I can’t rely on one single source of income. That led me to create a YouTube channel. I started with some very poor quality videos. One of them started to take off. That’s how my Youtube channel is created. I talked about how to price things, how to do email marketing, what the keys to email marketing are- Scarcity, Curiosity, and Rarity. Going to the right networking events or business events, even if you can’t do that, having connected to right people on Social Media, listening to right Podcasts, subscribing to right Youtube channels. Which is all that Kevin David is. You can learn from these people what they have done and what you can also do. All you have to do is Google and find those available things on the Internet to help you with what you want. But the crazy thing is most people don’t do it. They just say I don’t know how to start a Youtube channel. If you don’t know how to start a youtube channel, google if you find some videos, make notes and do it. The most important thing is you have to be consistent. Rob Dyrdek, a successful entrepreneur, has said number one key to success in anything that you do in life is Consistency. You have to be actively doing the right things. The whole point of what I am saying is you should have a child-like wonder. You should allow yourself to have an understanding where one little thing can totally shift your mentality in a way that can change your life. Be it come from one conversation with the right person or one podcast or one youtube video or anything. If you believe you can and if you believe you can’t, either way, you are right. Your mentality and mindset is everything.

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