From Broke Artist to $50m in 1 YEAR Doing This…

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You are listening to the “Kevin David Experience”. For the first time, we don’t have just one but two special guests joining us. Our two very special guests for today are Kevin Gould  and Ann Mcferran.

Kevin Gould is the Founder and CEO of Kombo Ventures and the Co- Founder of Glamnetic, Wake-heart and Insert Name Here. He always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and  he & his team operate as a brand studio launching and scaling 3 beauty brands with influencer co- founders.

Ann Mcferran is the founder and CEO of Glamnetic, a beauty brand that specializes in magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners. She attended UCLA where she graduated in Science. It’s after her post graduation that she realized her true passion lies in expressing her creativity. She then went on to become a highly successful fine artist.

Tune in to hear Kevin and Ann’s truly inspiring story!

Please Enjoy!

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