Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which One is Best For You

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Do you think Google Ads and Facebook Ads are similar or your business just needs only one form of advertising and you are set?

Then you are completely wrong.

Facebook Ads and Google ads are two different forms of advertising.

Both have different purposes and can give different results. But both can be important drivers for your business and can be used to maximize your marketing efforts.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: What’s the difference

First and foremost you need to understand Facebook Ads vs Google Ads and what is the difference.

Advancement in technology over the years has given businesses, marketers, and consumers different opportunities to find, search, and deliver the information.

Businesses and marketers have options and choices on how they want to show their brand and to whom.

Consumers can decide how to find information, shop, or purchase any product or services.

What Are Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are widely used as paid social, which means advertising on social media platforms.

Facebook has the highest number of active users and one of the popular social media advertising platforms used by marketers and businesses.

The only similarity between Google Ads and Facebook ads is that both are used for marketing businesses or brands on the Internet.

People are on Facebook to connect with their friends and relatives but not to buy anything.

Facebook Ads are used to create demand for customers who are not searching for it at the moment.

What Are Google Ads

Google Ads or Adwords is the most popular and one of the best PPC advertising.

It is widely used as a paid search and focuses on targeting keywords and phrases that people are using to search on Google.

To advertise using Google Adwords you have to find out our target keywords first that are popularly used by your customers to find products similar to yours.

To make your ads appear on google search you have to bid for each keyword.

Google uses its own algorithm to find out which Ad to rank for search results. But you can follow a few steps to optimize your ad to appear on search results.

Each time anyone clicks your ad, you will be charged some amount of money that’s why it is pay-per-click advertising.

Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google Ads


Facebook Ads Google Ads
Paid Social Paid Search
Facebook Ads are better for brand awareness. Google Ads are good for purchase intent.
Targeting potential customers through their age, gender, demographics, behavior, interests, and more. Targeting using keywords available with demographics targeting.
More control over the budget, you can start with as low as $5 per day and still reach upto 1000 customers per day. Pay more to get more clicks but once your ads are displayed, customers are more likely to convert.
Facebook has almost 1.59 billion active users daily. Google is getting 3.5 billion searches every single day.
Facebook Ad works best but not limited to low-cost products. Google Ads are best for but not limited to high-cost products.
Facebook Ads create demand. Google Ads works better when there already is demand.


Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Advantages or Disadvantages

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Ads vs Google Ads:

Facebook Ads


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Ability to target your exact customers.
  • Very easy to implement in your marketing strategy.
  • Ability to test as many Ads you want and with different Ad creatives
  • Facebook offers great analytics, you can test and monitor everything


  • So much competition
  • Ads don’t guarantee the results
  • Sometimes, Facebook Ads annoy users
  • Facebook Ads sometimes can come across as spam

Google Ads


  • Google Ads can be created quickly and can give immediate results
  • Can give great exposure in search results
  • Ability to test new ideas and improve continually
  • Conversion is fantastic
  • You have full control over Google Ads


  • You are going to pay for each click, and can sometimes cost more.
  • You have to be careful with finding perfect keywords for targeting
  • Landing page and Ads needs to be optimized

To Conclude

In the end, it’s only upto you to decide if you are going to implement both advertising options for your business or not. You should know what works for your business and whatnot. It is only possible if you test both Facebook Ads and Google Ads for your business.


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