Amazon Brand Analytics: How to Leverage it to Increase Amazon Sales – Part 1

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Amazon along with providing a marketplace to third-party sellers also provides some amazing tools to help them in their business.

One of them is Brand Analytics, which is one of the best and handiest tools provided by Amazon.

The tool is free and is specifically designed to help sellers understand their competitors, and drive more sales.

In this article, we are going to understand the tool in detail.

What is Amazon Brand Analytics?

Brand Analytics is a measurement tool provided by Amazon to provide valuable insights to every third-party seller.

Brand analytics is available on both seller central and vendor central.

Why Brand Analytics? Brand analytics gives valuable insights that help sellers to grow their business by making informed, strategic, and calculative decisions about every Amazon activity.

The data that Brand Analytics gives is totally based on brand-specific and whole Amazon activity.

What information will the tool provide:

  • vCompetitors’ data and insight.
  • Search terms used by Amazon customers to find products similar to yours.
  • Understand the shopping behaviors of your potential customers.
  • Estimation of total clicks as well as conversion for every keyword.
  • ASINs that are most clicked for a specific keyword.

What are the eligibility criteria for Amazon Brand Analytics?

Not everyone is eligible for Amazon brand analytics but only those who have registered themselves on the Brand registry program.

If you are not able to find access to Brand Analytics that means you haven’t met the criteria set by the Amazon Brand Registry.

How does Amazon Brand Analytics work?

As we have discussed earlier Amazon Brand Analytics gives valuable insights to every Amazon third-party seller. Let’s now see how Brand Analytics work:

  • You can access the tool in Seller central, under the Reports tab.
  • After going there, select the date range for which you want to check the report.
  • Now enter the search term or product name/ASIN.
  • Or select from the dropdown from the product departments.

Benefits of Brand Analytics to sellers

Amazon has become the world’s largest eCommerce retailer. With this, the number of businesses and third-party sellers is increasing on the Amazon marketplace day by day. No wonder so many people are creating an Amazon FBA Business in the year 2021.

To help the sellers and keep the competition high, Amazon provides various tools and data. One of the tools is Amazon brand analytics and here are some benefits that it provides:


  • Free Tool- Brand analytics is a completely free tool provided by Amazon. It contains very valuable information and data about your competitors, which if you get from other software will cost you a lot.
  • Keyword- The tool also helps you to find the target keywords along with providing you your competitor’s data. You can access the potential good keywords for your products to rank them better and get organic sales.
  • Marketing strategies- When you are provided your competitor’s data by Amazon itself, it will guide you towards making your marketing strategies. You can understand what you are lacking, where you can improve, and what strategies you can implement.
  • Helps to find the target audience- Building a good marketing strategy is all about understanding your potential customers first. This tool will help you to understand the shopping behavior of your potential customers, which will help you to improve your marketing efforts and get better sales.
  • User-friendly- The tool is very easy to use and is user-friendly. Anyone can easily access and understand it.
  • Provides valuable insights- The biggest advantage of the tool is that it gives valuable information that will ultimately help you drive more sales. Using Amazon Brand Analytics you can keep a regular check on your competitors.


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