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The Ninja Podcast is NOT for Everyone… Awarded ‘Best Business Podcast,’ host Kevin David chats with today’s most successful Entrepreneurs and offers uncut practical business knowledge, teachings, advice and life lessons from his journey to becoming an 8-figure self-made entrepreneur! The Ninja PodCast is for YOU! So if you’re looking for real advice from someone who’s failed countless times on his path to success. If you’re looking for a little commute/workout/solo or ‘me’ time motivation, you came to the right place! In each episode, we extract strategies, tools, and tactics that any beginner or expert can implement into their everyday life and business! Voted one of the top business and eCommerce podcast on all of Apple’s Podcasts! The Ninja Podcast has ranks #1 for its first-class business/interviews and Ninja strategies that have helped thousand’s of inspired entrepreneurs make money online! Latest Podcast

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