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What is the best way to research products on Amazon?

Amazon product research is the process of analyzing the market and current trends to find the perfect product. Normally the best products are ones that you can buy at a low price and sell in large quantities at competitive prices. 

There are two ways to do product research: Manually or by using Automated Tools. Most people choose the latter option as it saves a lot of time and often gives more accurate results. 

Here are some best Amazon product research tools:  

Jungle Scout : Jungle Scout is one of the most popular product research tools for Amazon sellers. It is available either as a web app or chrome extension and allows sellers to quickly search through thousands of products. It even has free webinars, ebooks and case studies to help sellers.

AMZ Scout: AMZ Scout is a great alternative for Jungle Scout and provides a competitive way of finding products and keeping track of sales. If you’re unsure and want to try out the product before you buy, you can try it for free for 7 days. 

Zonbase:  Zonbase has every single tool that you are going to need to be successful on Amazon. You will also get exclusive training on how to use those tools inside the platform. If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and take advantage of the FREE trial today and see if you like it or not. 

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What to sell on Amazon FBA?

For the Amazon FBA business, you can source products in different ways- 

Retail Arbitrage – Retail Arbitrage is buying and then selling products on Amazon at a higher price. There are many liquidation stores that sell products at very low prices. Profit is earned by buying these products at low prices and selling them on Amazon at a much higher price. Retail arbitrage is very difficult to scale as you have to constantly find products to list on Amazon. 

Online Arbitrage – Online arbitrage is similar to retail arbitrage but the difference is here you source products from online stores. Here you can get products in person or online and can sell them in different countries at varying prices. 

Wholesale – Wholesale is buying bulk orders directly from the manufacturer at a discounted rate and reselling it. 

Private Label – Private label is the process of getting products from the manufacturer and selling it under your brand name. The manufacturer has no right over the label or brand.

What are the ideal products to sell on Amazon

Price range between $18 and $50- Low product price makes it easy to cover some costs like Amazon charges, advertising costs, etc. 

Small in size and lightweight- For Amazon FBA business, you will need products that are small in size and lightweight. It will be less expensive to ship from the manufacturer and sent to Amazon’s warehouse. 

Simple to Manufacturing- Avoid Products that contain glass that can create problems while shipping. 

Low Seasonality- Find a product that is available all year round, not just one or two seasons. 

Huge Demand and Low Competition: The profitable product is the one that has huge demand in the market but has low competition.

What are Amazon’s top-selling products category?

Books: Books are one of the best selling Amazon products and their demand is not going down anytime soon. Whether it’s hardcopy, paperback or Kindle edition, books are more popular than ever, and they come with a huge profit margin. 

Baby Products: As new babies are born there will be increased demand for baby products.  These items are a great option because baby products are inexpensive, small in size, lightweight, durable and always in demand. 

Jewelry: Jewellery products are always hot-selling items on Amazon. Yes, the market is saturated, but you have to be pro at marketing to make it profitable. The profit margin for this product can be 50%+. 

Gym and SportsWear: People of all ages want to be healthy and, for that, they need workout wear. It is another top-selling product on Amazon with a good profit margin. These are 4 popular product categories that can be best for you to start your Amazon FBA business as a beginner. Of course, there can be more product categories, you just have to use the right way to find what is best for you.

Tips to find profitable items to sell on Amazon FBA

  • Find products that are addressing some needs of the target audience. Products that are not solving any issue or addressing any needs are had to sell on Amazon or any other platforms. A good product with the right marketing strategy will find its way to become profitable.
  • Read product reviews, find out what problems customers are facing. Try to solve those problems with your products.
  • Always have a look at the trend and what is on fashion. If you become one of the first sellers to sell trendy items, there is a big chance for your product to go on the best selling lists.
  • Finally, find a product with good p[rofit margins. Consider beforehand all the expenses starting from manufacturing the product to delivering it to the customer.

What are some Amazon selling tips for new sellers?

  • Do the research and select your niche carefully

If you are still searching for your niche, find products that have high demand but low competition. Finding the right product that will make your business profitable doesn’t happen overnight. It takes many trials and errors, a lot of time and patience. But, in the end, when you have found your winning product it is all worth it. Do your online research and make use of available resources to find products that have high demand. Why am I telling you to hunt for products that have high demand and low competition? Because when people come searching for your product on Amazon your brand will be easily visible without much competition.

  • Be a Proactive Marketer

The first step towards building a successful Amazon Selling business is too heavily your products. You can’t just list your products on Amazon and sit back waiting for the sale to come on its own. Create a great product listing and optimize it. A great product picture, title, description, etc will ensure you convert more and more views into sales. Include the right keywords to your product description and title. It will make sure your products appear on the search results. There are several online tools available to find popular short and long keywords. The photos of your product on Amazon plays an important part in the selling. Hire a professional photographer to do the job. If you are running on a low budget, you can also DIY it and edit the photos using editing software. There are several videos available on YouTube that can help you. Market your business on social media, on your blog, sending emails to your list, create PPC campaigns, etc.

  • Offer Holiday Discounts and Promotions

Offer sales or discounts on special days and holidays. Many customers wait for these occasions to get special discounts and get the products they want at low prices. Research shows sellers on Amazon get five times more sales during the holiday season. If you want to be in the game, you have to offer what people want.

  • Know your competition

Regularly study what others are doing in your niche. Check how they are marketing their product, how they are pricing. What discounts they are offering. Don’t take your sales for granted, always evolve with time and as market changes. The best way to find out how your competition is doing is to check their product reviews. Learn what people are loving and hating in their product and use it to make your product that meets those needs.

  • Increase your profits

One way of increasing your profits is by marketing your products right. To maximize your profit include a whole range of products. Always have a lookout for what is selling good in the market.


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