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Jul 26, 2020 | Kevin David Experience, Uncategorized

YouTube Rockstar Clark Kegley (Refusing to Settle) on Motivation, YouTube, and Entrepreneurship

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When things start giving more pain than pleasure then it’s always time to move on whatever the situation you are in. You always deserve the life you desire as long as you make a decision and take action towards achieving it. Completing the degree which you don’t want, going to work which you want to quit, being in a toxic relationship, if you don’t let go will start consuming all your time and energy and having a negative effect on you. In today’s podcast, Joshua Pena and me will be discussing how to let go of things in your life.Please Enjoy!If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider being the 1% and leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 30 seconds, and it really makes a world of difference reaching new interesting guests!.To sign up for Kevin’s Podcast email Newsletter and to view the  show notes & past guests, please visit- Follow Kevin:

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