Amazon Automation
A Bulletproof Process to Automate Your Amazon Business

Are you looking to invest in a passive income generating machine?

You are a business owner and wants to put your sales on autopilot and lead Amazon

Competition is fierce for third-party sellers on Amazon

You want to build a Massively successful Amazon business but do not have time and experience

You might have wished to get all the skills of a successful Amazon seller

Who have the experience and right strategies what it takes to make it possible

You want a proven system that would take over your Amazon store and handle all the work for you.

Amazon Automation 1

Partner with Leading 8-Figure Amazon Sellers to Automate Profits on Your Amazon Selling Business

Amazon Automation 2

Is it possible that anyone can leverage the skill and experience of Kevin David and his team to skyrocket their own business?

Is it really a 100% hands-free service allowing anyone time and money freedom completely?

Every entrepreneur wish to get a reliable system and blueprint which sets them on a direct path leading to success

No need to worry anymore…

Or waste time on tedious tasks of ranking, managing inventory, making marketing strategies, and scaling your Amazon store

Would you like to grow your business every month using the “Set it and Forget it” process?

You own 100% of the Account, products, collecting money, and everything else.

What is Amazon Automation and How Does it Work?


Amazon automation is a 100% done for you service provided by experts to people who are interested in creating Amazon selling business. The Amazon automation service is best for people who do not have time or experience to invest in building the Amazon store and making it profitable.

You own 100% of the Account, products, collecting money, and everything else.

How does it work?

  • Once you have signed up, you will be partnering with our expert team, experienced staff, and a Multiple 8 figure seller, who will be handling almost 100% of the work.
  • The team will take over the store and start building a store that will grow every single day.
  • The entire store management, picking up the right product, managing inventory, and everything will be taken care of. You just have to sit back, relax, and wait for the profits.

Who can join Amazon Automation ?

The Amazon Automation program is launched by Kevin David and David Arnett who are eCommerce experts and leading Amazon sellers. They have experience of over 10 years of building and scaling multiple Amazon selling businesses.

“Everything from picking up homerun products for you, negotiating with known brands, ordering inventory, shipping, store management, to growing and scaling Amazon business, is included in this service.”

Amazon Automation is for anyone who does not have time and experience to invest in creating a super-profitable Amazon. If you are an Entrepreneur and want to invest in a passive income generating machine, this is the best offer for you.

We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to come and join the ninja family. If you think you have the entrepreneurial mindset, we would love to partner with you.

About trainer

In Case You Are Curious Why I Launched…
Amazon Automation

A few years back I was also an ordinary person who completed graduation from Oregon State Honors College and started his career working as an accountant for an accounting firm in Portland.

Like everyone else, I dreamed of working for Facebook, and I got a prestigious position in the company where almost 500 applicants applied. Working at Facebook with all the extravagant perks, was like a dream come true.

Or so I presumed!

But in no time, the situation made me realize I do not want to settle with life. I do not want to work for anyone else but me. This realization made me explore online sources of income that could give me Time and Money independence. One Friday night while working late, I stumbled across Amazon FBA… One month later, I launched my first Amazon product.

Amazon is a leading eCommerce retailer in the world, one who knows how to leverage the platform has definitely changed his/her life forever.

Anyone who wants to create financial momentum and start their journey as an Online entrepreneur, Amazon selling a business is the perfect solution for them.

It is years of experience, trying different strategies with optimizing product listings, adding relevant keywords, adopting best SEO practices I was able to build multiple Amazon stores and scale it to huge success.

How Numerous Trials and Errors Led Me to Discovery of the Failsafe Business System That Changed My Life Forever.

After getting huge success from my Amazon eCommerce business, I started digital courses to teach all the aspiring entrepreneurs around the world to achieve the same glory and success.

Along with that was also helping close friends and relatives to sell products on Amazon by closely managing the stores. Soon, I became obsessed with eCommerce, building a profitable Amazon business, and helping others do the same.

Amazon FBA Course

I partnered with my friend David Arnett who is an Amazon expert himself and has also built multiple successes on Amazon. We launched Amazon Automation for anyone in the whole world looking to automate their business.

We offer our experience, time, service to grow and scale your business, and autopilot your passive income.

The VIP Program Sneak Peak

What’s in there for you?


One-on-one mentorship

One-on-one mentorship with some of the world’s leading Amazon sellers where you will clear all your doubts and get expert assistance.

Limited access to software used by top sellers, Amazon software suite that will help you to outrank your competition.

product research

Amazon FBA Masterclass

Hundreds of thousands of students are leveraging the masterclass to build successful Amazon empires.

Suppliers & Shipping


Membership to the private Facebook group with thousands of students who are on the same journey as you and many have become successful Amazon sellers.

Listing Optimization

Done For You Product Listing

With our Gold’s package, you will get your Amazon product’s listing fully optimized.

Product Launch Strategies

product validation

You will get product lists validated by our Amazon experts according to the package you have selected.

Product Launch Strategies

supplier agencies

You can get access to our fastest and cheapest supplier agencies.

Did I mention the BEST PART?

Permission to Sell Known Brands Products
Upgrade or Extend The Existing Plan Anytime
Email Replies Within 24 hours
No BS or fluff – check some of my students’ testimonials below!

If you are a business owner and serious about investing in automating your Amazon business and leave the competition in the Dust, Hit The Sign Up Button now!


Words From My Students

My mission to is to free as many people as possible from corporate chains, and there are endless stories daily from my students on impact of my teachings on their businesses and lives. Below are just a few of them sharing their experience, if you would like to see more, please head over to testimonials page.


Sold over 300 units in JUST TWO DAYS!! I want to say, like any other business in life, it does take an investment of capital to succeed, and there is no way around it, but you need money to make money.

But I’ve followed Kevin’s steps from start to finish and I am literally THIS close to retiring (personal things dealing with at the moment that I need to iron out completely). Kevin David, you are the freaking man and can’t thank you enough for this course!!!

- Aaron Isaiah

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my products be fulfilled from, can I see the warehouse?
– Sure, here is a video tour David made of the warehouse to show you how everything works.
How do you select products, how do I know the products you do select for my account will be profitable?
While nothing in business or in life is guaranteed, and we are very up front and transparent about that, there is a LOT of upfront work and due diligence that goes into selecting your products!
Check out the quick video below to get a basic introduction of what goes into it, and how we do it!

hat does fulfillment look like, can I see my inventory?
While it wouldn’t be efficient to show every single person all of their inventory we are more than happy to share some, as it’s super exciting!
Watch the below video to see some of partners’ inventory arriving and being processed!

Can we see an example of a successful partner?
While we take our partner’s privacy very seriously (as we will yours), Sean volunteered to share his account and experience working with us!
What exactly is AMZ Automation?
AMZ Automation is a BRAND NEW business model where we do 100% of the work on your behalf, and build you a turn key Amazon empire on auto pilot!

We do this by partnering with brands that meet our set criteria of consistent annual sales history and velocity and get what is called an ‘Authorization Letter’ from them to sell their products inside your Amazon account using what is similar to a wholesale model; but an improved wholesale model in every way, leveraging the unbelivable scale and power of Amazon!