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Another year of life, and the lessons that have cost me millions and made me millions more, shared in a summarized format – hopefully they can help one of you reading this to not repeat my mistakes, or to take action toward pursuing your dreams…

Every year on my birthday, I like to carve out time I normally wouldn’t take to time to reflect on the past year, what I’ve learned and some insights that can hopefully be valuable to others from my victories and struggles…

To organize it in a way that is easy to absorb I’ve created a top 10 list of the most important things I’ve realized over the past 12 months…

  1. Everyone no matter who they are, experiences fear, demotivation, hopelessness, and feeling overwhelmed, and lost. It’s okay, it’s part of the process, if you feel perfectly comfortable all the time you’re not pushing yourself and you’ll never reach your full potential. Take time and energy and focus to really figure out what makes you happy, and what you want out of life, then reverse engineer the path you need to take to get there one step at a time.
  2. No one cares about you, or how much money you make. If you like nice things, buy them for yourself, not to impress others, and choose to stay humble. You have the choice every minute of every day whether to be kind and spread love, or to be negative and spread hate. You attract the energy you put out, and you have to work on yourself if you don’t feel happy, once you do and start emitting that energy you attract the same and it builds on itself in a feedback cycle. So live for yourself, not to impress others who ultimately don’t care about you, and work on yourself until you’re genuinely happy, and what you’ll find is that will start an avalanche of more happiness in your life.
  3. Learn to forgive yourself and others. I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars with poor business decisions, and by not doing enough due diligence about the people I was working with, and overestimating the importance of contracts, and not realizing its the person signing that matters. Forgive yourself. It’s always your feelings of regret and remorse that are more hurtful than the event that took place itself. Hindsight is 20/20 if you never want to make mistakes it’s best to do nothing and say nothing your whole life. Forgiveness is powerful, and using it in friendships, romantic relationships, and in business is liberating like nothing else, I promise you. So be the stronger person, and reach out to someone right now, you’ve been thinking about, and want back in your life, trust me – you can forgive, and create more love in your life, you just have to do it.
  4. What you see on the surface is rarely the truth. With so many ‘IG Entrepreneurs’ it’s more important than ever to remove yourself from the toxic comparison mentalities, and to understand that what you see is rarely what you get. Brittany Spears is someone I was just reading about recently, from an objective standpoint she had everything, fortune, fame, adoration from her fans, and at least appears in the media to live in what seems like a very unhappy situation, suffering from mental breakdowns, with her father controlling her actions legally. And this isn’t to discount her, mental illness or the pressure fame would put on a person especially from such a young age, its merely to point out you never know how someone is feeling on the inside. There are countless other examples of this same thing. Some of the most successful people I know seem to be the most lost. “Happiness is the best revenge” is a funny statement, because seeking revenge should never be a goal, but the meaning is spot on. Enjoying your own life is the ultimate goal, and what someone else is wearing, or doing, or driving has literally NOTHING to do with you if you think about it – and most of it is a facade anyway, so forget it, live YOUR LIFE and be happy.
  5. The grass is always greener, and being cognisant of that is the first step toward overcoming it. A ‘rich’ person sees a ‘broke’ playing outside in a homemade pool with their kids while they’re on their way to work another 16 hour day on a saturday and feels jealous of how much time those people seem to have with their families and to relax. A ‘poor’ person sees a ‘rich’ person driving the newest exotic car, or with swimming in their pool at their fancy house and feels jealous wishing they had those things. Its a lose lose situation. There is no winning with the grass comparison, the only way TO WIN is by NOT concerning yourself with anyone else. Winners are so busy focusing on their own empire, they don’t have time to look at anyone elses’. After you have ‘enough’ Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems is true, Whether I make a million or 10 million, there will always be more expensive cars, houses, and things. Being rich and poor is relative, being rich to me means being happy, and grateful and being surrounded by friends and loved ones.
  6. To be happy, it is critical to form better relationships. Study the masters. Watch how Tony Robbins or Will Smith interact with someone they are meeting for the first time. Treat everyone you meet as you would a close friend you haven’t seen in years. And take full ownership and accountability of putting yourself out there. If you don’t, you’ll wait your whole life waiting for the perfect woman, or business partner, or relationship to walk into your life – trust me it won’t. Remember however scared you are to talk to new people, those people are 2x more scared to talk to you. Treat the janitor the same as you treat the CEO, do it because it’s the RIGHT thing to do – and you should understand we are all just people in a complex and chaotic struggle trying to be happy and to spread love. And if you can’t do it because its the right thing to do, then do it selfishly, because it always comes full circle – I can’t tell you how many times some person I was kind to, ended up becoming the next influencer, and paying back my kindness 10 fold. Be kind, and life has a way of rewarding that kindness.
  7. Confidence is KING. I recently watched an ESPN show talking about how James Harden claimed he was the best player in the NBA, and they scoffed and said it was ridiculous that he would say that when Lebron James was in the League. This is a perfect illustration of why they are talking behind a desk, and HE is making tens of millions. You HAVE TO BELIEVE you deserve anything you want in life, the most beautiful women, the cars, the houses, the business, the life of your dreams, because if you don’t believe it, I can PROMISE you that no one else will either. They won’t buy into you, or your mission, and you won’t build momentum toward making your dreams come true. Fake it till you make it has such a negative connotation, and rightfully so, but the idea behind it is important. You have to be able to SEE your success BEFORE it exists and before you have any logical reason to think it will exist. You have to eat, sleep, and breathe it, and then literally FORGE it from nothing, from just an idea, into reality – one consistent action at a time.
  8. Find a ‘higher purpose’… and the reason I put that in quotes is because it doesn’t always have to be religious and I feel like it has that connotation. If you’re working casually for you, you’ll never work hard enough, you won’t put in those late nights until 3am consistently, you won’t wake up at 7am and do it all over again. You have to be doing it for something greater than yourself. Who works harder – the man working to afford a life saving treatment for his dying mother, or the man who wants to start a business. My purpose is to help those who were in my position such a short time ago. Trapped mentally, physically and financially in a 9-5 job they hate. And my purpose is to free 1,000,000’s of entrepreneurs from that same downward spiral – and every time I feel exhausted or don’t feel like working I remember them, and I remember why I started, and it gives me the energy to keep going.
  9. You can’t do multiple things well at an extremely high level. Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t working on side hustles while he was building facebook, but as an entrepreneur, and especially a successful one, it’s SO easy to get dragged into multiple different projects, and not even realize how much that mental fatigue is affecting you. The big paydays ALWAYS come from sole focus on ONE thing. But sometimes it means giving up money now to make significantly more money later. One of the most productive things you can do as an entrepreneur is to really hone in on the one thing that will ultimately get you what you want. If you don’t know what you want, figure it out, reverse engineer it by looking at who you’re jealous of, and why, what do they do, and what do they have, and then figure out what you need to do to get it. Spend time and literally write down all your different projects, and what takes up your time, and use the “3 D’s” – Destroy, Delegate or DO! If you can delegate, hire a team, and if the project makes more than it costs, keep it, otherwise if you can, sell it, but do what you need to do to respectfully say ‘no’ more, and focus on fewer of the RIGHT things.
  10. What is the purpose of life… The age old question – and I’ve figured it out. The purpose of life is being genuinely and consistently happy, the way to be happy is as follows

Remove the things that make you UNHAPPY – for me this means, instagram, and most social media, cigarettes, negativity, small minded people

Gratitude – being genuinely grateful for what you have, and the people in your life, and if you’re not grateful for one or either, then completely remove yourself from your current situation, move across the country to a new situation, or to Bali, or change everything fortune favors the bold,

Being honest with yourself about what you enjoy – For me, what makes me happy HONESTLY is building businesses, collaborating with other smart people and my friends, making money, being known and helping people, meeting new beautiful people, traveling to exotic locations, the beach, I like beautiful cars, and houses, and I like being truly free – I mean freedom to fly to thailand one morning because I feel like it, to buy a car on a whim, to do whatever I want whenever I want for the rest of my life

Progress – Making progress FEELS good, progress = happiness, whether its progress on yourself, your body, your health, your business, your relationships or even progress cleaning your room or finishing a puzzle, the human mind is intrinsically designed to feel GOOD when it makes progress.

Relationships – Help others, without expecting anything in return. Actually focus on caring about people OTHER than yourself, genuinely care about your friends and family, go out of your way to help them, and build deep real and meaningful relationships.

So I hope this short list helped you in some way, if it did feel free to message me on Instagram @KevinDavid with your thoughts

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